My Favorite e-Cigarette Products of 2012

2012 has been amazing year for electronic cigarettes. This year featured some of the most creative and innovative products in recent memory. Things like eGo cartomizers and Vivi Novas gained popularity while variable voltage and wattage devices hit the market with a vengeance.  Let’s face it, not everything was great. But rather than focus on the duds of 2012 as we head into 2013, I’d like to take a look at some of my favorite things from this year.

The following list is in no particular order. These products may not even necessarily be “the best” rather, they are my personal favorites.  Stuff that I kept using long after the review was published just because I liked them.  Chances are some of my favorites won’t be yours.  Why not let me know what your favorite stuff from this year is in the comments?


VMAX Display detail with carto


What is it? SmokTech’s foray into the variable voltage genre, able to run in single or dual battery configurations.
Why I like it I like to vape dual coil cartomizers around 5 volts. Very few devices are capable of delivering that amperage. The V-MAX and Z-MAX in dual battery mode have ample power to drive even the most demanding cartomizers. The updated Z-MAX can also run in variable wattage mode for even more flexibility.
Where to get it MadVapes
Price About $90
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2. Innokin U-CAN

innokin ucan review filler needle image

What is it? A stainless steel 10ml e-liquid container and dispenser
Why I like it I’ll admit it. When I first heard about the U-CAN I thought the idea was silly. Who would pay money for an e-liquid bottle?  But after using it, I really like it.  It’s just about bullet proof and I like the vacuum activated filling button.
Where to get it Vapor Alley
Price $14.99
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3. iTaste MVP

innokin itaste mvp review image

What is it? The third installment in Innokin’s iTaste family, the MVP features a large battery and the ability to charge small electronics.
Why I like it The MVP is just a solid device. It’s a little on the big side, but still fits in a pocket. I don’t plan on using the charging feature much but it’s handy in a pinch.
Where to get it Vapor Alley
Price $69.99
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4. ProVari V2

What is it? The “Cadillac” of the electronic cigarette world. One of the original and best-built variable voltage e-cigarettes on the market. The ProVari version 2 and Mini models were released in 2012.
Why I like it Despite a glut of competition in the variable voltage space, ProVape’s venerable high-end device is still one of the most desirable on the market. The version 2 bump which increased the amperage limit for better performance with dual coils helped this device stay on top. A mini version and new designer colors also appeared this year.
Where to get it ProVape
Price From $159
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5. Bauway CE4

bauway ce4 review title image

What is it? A very simple take on the incredibly popular CE4 genre that took off this year.
Why I like it  The Bauway lacks fancy replaceable heads and the outer shell is a little less sturdy than I’d like, but it performs like a champ. The ability to use standard drip tips is also a big plus in my book.
Where to get it  Happy eSmoker
Price  $3.95
Read the review  Review here
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6. Super Variable Voltage eGo

Vv eGo Display

What is it?  A variable voltage eGo e-cigarette with a display and pass-through charging.
Why I like it  While the eGo Twist and the Vision Spinner are also good choices for variable voltage eGos, The higher voltage range and USB pass-through charging of this model suits my tastes a little better.
Where to get it  Happy eSmoker
Price  $29.95
Read the review  Here’s the review


7. Texas Tuff Tank

Vape Dudes Texas Tuff Tank title image

What is it?  A handmade cartomizer tank with a convenient filling screw.
Why I like it  The Tuff Tank is a little old-fashioned compared to some of the other cartomizer tanks on the market. However, the side-mounted screw makes filling these tanks super simple.
Where to get it  Vape Dudes
Price  $7.99
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8. Kanger Clearomizers

Kanger T3 Title Image

What is it? This isn’t one product, but a line of products from Kanger like the T2, T3 and M3 cartomizers. These are larger, eGo sized clearomizers.
Why I like it  Kanger clearomizers generally perform well. In addition, they are very solidly built and very easy to fill.
Where to get it  Vapor Alley
Price  Varies
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9. CE2 Tank Cartomizer

electronic cigarette CE2 replacement cartomizers for tanks in use

What is it?  A pre-punched cartomizer for use in Smoktech Tanks. Inside the cartomizer is a top-coil CE2 engine.
Why I like it  The CE2 insides are greatly improved from the CE2s that were so 2011. These cartomizers perform quite well and seem to last longer than cartomizers with filler.
Where to get it  MadVapes
Price  $2.29
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10. Artemas Cartomizer Tank

Artemas DCT Review

What is it?  Cartomizer tank that holds the cartomizer to keep the cartomizer in place.
Why I like it  The Artemas is a good looking tank that prevents many tank-related spills. Two notches in the bottom keep pre-punched cartomizers from spinning around while a bottom cap screws on to keep the cartomizer from pulling out from the tank.
Where to get it  MadVapes
Price  $11.99
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  • This will probably be one of the favorites in 2013 along with the Evic.

    The CVI is a mix and match type persons wish come true. A short 18650 version or regular 18650 size, plus all parts come in any of the colors available in any combination including the top cap. The biggie for me is it has eGo threads so it will accept and available vaporizer including the Kangers that come with the skirted eGo thread, don't think there is any other full power (4 or 5amp) APV available that will.


    • Looks interesting, kind of like a more colorful version of the Sigelei ZMAX which I'll be reviewing early in the new year. I should be getting an evic in soon.

      • My Sigelei ZMax and a AnyVape CVI from a Co-op will be coming in January but decided to pass on the Evic until they raise the current 2.5amp limit.


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