New and Notable Vaping Gear Week of June 16th

Welcome to another New & Notable Vaping Gear where I lay out anything new I come across during my travels of favorite e-cigarette merchants.  To be honest, this week was much slower than last week.  Let’s take a look at what’s out there.

squid rda imageMadVapes has a few new and interesting things in the store, like dual coil Vivi Novas.  Sadly, they are out of stock.  There is a new 14500 mAh variable voltage eGo that is in stock that might be worth a look.

Over at Smokeless Image you can find a new automatic switch version of their popular variable voltage Volt e-cigarette.

Visit the atomizer section of Happy eSmoker and you’ll find the Octopus and Squid RDAs in the lineup.


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