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You may have noticed a new section on the left hand side of the page for polls.  I wanted to start getting feedback from you, my loyal readers to help shape what sort of content you would like to see on Steve K’s Vaping World!

First up, premium electronic cigarette “mods”.  These are custom built e-cigarettes that use replaceable batteries (in most cases) and generally provide performance above and beyond what traditional e-cigarette setups offer.  I know there are many out there, but I only had a limited number of slots for the poll :)  In a perfect world, I’d get a hold of every mod I could, but that isn’t practical for budgetary reasons.

For now, there are four choices in the poll.  Depending on the success of this poll, I may run more, either another mod selection or some other topic of interest.  For now, here’s a little more information on each of the choices if you are not already familiar.

The ProVari:
Available from: ProVape
Starting Price: $159 (on sale!)
Vendor’s Description:
The ProVari is a microprocessor controlled electronic cigarette that lets you adjust the voltage in seconds with just a few button presses. Now you can dial-in the perfect settings for your atomizer, cartomizer and e-liquid. The ProVari has a regulated output which keeps the voltage the same with each puff regardless of your remaining battery power. As the battery drains the device will keep the voltage consistent giving you the perfect vaper all day long.

The Silver Bullet:
Available from: Alt Smoke
Starting Price: $89.99
Vendor’s Description:
Why do I want this? Because it’s awesome? This unit was designed mainly for more advanced Electronic Cigarette Users and is not recommended for People that are just coming in. If you are New to the Electronic CIgarette world I would recommend starting off with a Yeti Starter Kit. I’d hate for people to blow out atomizers due to not using them properly, user error is not warrantied so please have a basic understanding of using the device before purchasing this!
The Q2V3 Copper
Available from: Atmos USA
Starting Price: $70
Vendor’s Description:
Longer, lighter, and sporting intriguing design features, the Q2v3 is all new for 2011. From its softly rounded quadratic end caps, to its softly textured body, the Q2v3 is a pleasure to hold. It vapes hours longer at 3.7 v than all other Copper models, using a protected 17670 battery. For vaping at 6 v, this model accommodates two (3.0 v) 16340 batteries (compatible with all atomizers), or two (3.6 v) protected batteries for 7.2 v vaping.* The Q2v3 runs longer, and performs as good as it feels, at any voltage!

The Maxi Roughstack
Available from: MadVapes
Starting Price: $45
Vendor’s Descrition:

These beatifully machined mods are just the ticket for a variety of vaping needs!
Flexible battery configuations give you a variety of voltage choices. You can use an 18650 for 3.7 volt vaping, 2 16340 3 volt batteries for 6 volt vaping or two 3.7 volt 18350’s for 7.4 volt vaping..
The user replacable 3 amp switch assembly will handle it all and requires no soldering to replace the switch! Sealed 510 connector is standard.

Ok, I know you probably have a favorite mod and I didn’t list it here.  There’s no write-in option, but there’s always comments on this post!  If you have something you want to include, let me know.  I’ll count comments here as votes in the poll.

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