New & Notable eCig Gear Week of 7-28-13

Ok, so I’ve missed a couple of gear roundups, I’m only human.  I’m here to make amends, but mostly I’m just going to list the stuff I found this week. There is quite a bit of it after all.

Let’s just jump in with all the cool new e-cigarette stuff I found online over the last (couple) weeks.

  • MadVapes has a ton of stuff, more than I can list here, so you might want to check out their new items page. On there you’ll find a new mechanical mod with a magnetic switch from SmokTech as well as their take on the ProTank, the Trophy Tank.  You’ll also find the tumbler tank and a Pyrex tank that looks a lot like an EVOD. 
  • I might have mentioned this, but V4L has a newer, bigger version of their Vapor Zeus along with 6ml Smileomizers to go along with them.
  • Much like MadVapes, VaporAlley has been working overtime to bring new gear in. They have the new KMax APV, Pyrex SmokTech tanks, new Kanger tanks, and some awesome new vision tanks just to name a few things. Visit the new items page for more.
  • V2 Cigs has a redesigned disposable that includes two new flavor choices including some of their most popular.
  • Apollo is now offering the mini iSmoka to go along with their eGo kits
  • Rogue Vaping has recently revamped their product line including the brand-new Nifty kit which is an interesting wide and flat e-cigarette.
  • 777 eCigs just rolled out their brand-new Magnum kits which are eGo-sized kits put out by Kanger, including a variable voltage version
  • Panda now has the wirelessly charging iGo 4 kits and has lowered their prices on many items as well.
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Hopefully there’s something out there that might catch your eye.  Until next week, happy shopping.

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