New & Notable eCig/Vape Gear Week of May 6

Welcome to another installment of the latest Steve K’s Vaping World series, new & notable e-cig / Vape Gear where I summarize the new e-cigarette products I found while visiting my favorite sites over the past week. There’s a couple of new items this week, including a brand-new, yet familiar old mod from MadVapes.

  • ProtankWhite Cloud is trying out a new type of cartomizer called the clear draw cartrige. Currently it’s only available with their Cin flavored cartos.
  • Apollo now carries the Kanger ProTank. That one tends to sell out quick and Apollo is usually pretty good about keeping things in stock. Check here to see if it’s available.
  • If you want a specially designed kit for Mom, V2 Cigs has a Mother’s day kit (yes, it’s all pink.) They’re currently running a discount on that kit (see here)
  • For rebuildable fans, you’ll find that SmartVapes is now carrying the AGA-T Plus rebuildable tank.
  • MadVapes has the new VStack, a variable voltage version of their original Rough Stack mod. They’ve also added several new accessories and drip tips. Click here to visit.
  • Speaking of revised classics, Volcano eCigs has added pink and blue options to their revised Inferno lineup. The Inferno has been a popular offering for ages.

Steve K

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  • Hello Steve,
    I want to say THANK YOU for this site. Your forums are VERY HELPFUL to me. However I still have a ridiculously large amount of questions left unanswered. (This may be to still new experience in the vaping world). I obviously want to stop smoking, and took up vaping not only for my kids and my health, but because I think its a good replacement and fun as hell. I live in Cali, so its nice to be able to vape when I’m at Walmart or the grocery store. I was the only smoker at home. so I always had to step outside since my wife DID NOT LIKE SNOKING. Now, I can vape after sex. Double enjoyment. We both get off, and I can relax and vape in bed with out her bitching about smoking or having to step outside after.
    Anyhow, I am not sure if you do this next thing often or ever at all, but I need help, and after reading your, what I feel, very educated comments on the vaping experience as a whole, I am desperately asking if perhaps you can email me directly, as I am internet illiterate and don’t know how to email you, if you even have that as an option. I ask for you to email me as I respect your stance on not wanting play favorites and telling people buy this not this.. and so on. So if you are to reply to say a forum comment, people wont be pursuaded wrongly. I understand that it all comes down to preference. But as of this point (and I’m gonna put ya on a pedestal and stroke your ego), I HIGHLY RESPECT, ADMIRE, VALUE any and all of your opinions, insight, and input.
    I would like to explain more in detail via email so I don’t take up too much space on the comments with what I can assure WILL in fact be a VERY LENGTHY post. I get diarrhea of the mouth and fingers (typing) and can go on and on (hence lengthy post I am currently writing). So please, I reach out to you in hopes that you may help me “find my way” in this large vaping experience.
    Thank You for all your time in your website, posts, and the time you took to read this.

    Your new fan,
    [email redacted]

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