NHaler Running a Contest in Memory of Founder


NHaler is one of the oldest online e-cigarette shops around.  They were the place to get the original Darwin mod (when it was available).  Tragically, the store’s owner Drew recently passed away.

Drew was a strong voice in the vaping community and one of the founding members of CASAA.  To pay tribute to Drew’s legacy, NHaler is running a contest to give away some sweet DNA mods and to share memories of Drew.  The details below are from a newsletter recently sent out by the company.

We will be giving away
2- Opus DNA 30 Custom Hydrographic Design .

The rules to the contest are very simple:

  • There is no purchase necessary to win
  • The contest will begin on Sunday, September 14 at 12:01am EST and end on Wed., October 15 at 11:59 pm EST
  • Every order placed on Nhaler.com will have an entry into the contest. The more orders, the more entries!!!
  • The other way to enter is to post in this thread. One entry per person.
  • I would like you to post any encounter you may have had with Drew. It doesn’t have to be personal. for example, a story about Nhaler’scustomer service or if you spoke with Drew on the phone, if you met him at a vape meet , spoke with him on the forum, input about the products he release or experience with his YouTube videos, EcigTV show tutorials etc. Facebook, Twitter or Google +. Or maybe you have pictures that you took from somewhere. Please post anything about Drew that you remember in a positive way.
  • On Thursday, October 15, 2014 I will run 2 random.org # searches. One for all to the Nhaler order list entries and one for this thread post #’s. In the event that I have a post in the thread and my post # comes up, The next post # wins. (Example- Random.org says #14 and that is my post, then #15 would win).
  • On Thursday, October 15, 2014 I will announce the winners. I have a Wood Grain Opus and a Black Carbon Fiber Opus. The higher of the 2 #’s picked will be given the option of which one they want first.
  • In the event that you have had no experience with Nhaler or Drew, feel free to post, that you are just entering the contest.
  • Keep in mind that when I run contests, I tend to give away other prizes if certain posts intrigue me!
  • My ONLY stipulation is that there are NO negative comments about Drew or Nhaler. This is my husband and my business and this thread is a special tribute to Drew! Please be respectful!

Good Luck and happy posting!

10% coupon code “tribute” on Nhaler.com for the length of the contest!

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