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Are you a fan of jumbo dual coil cartomizers?  Do you find the clear tubes a little… boring?  If so, the Twisted and Colored cartomizers from Nhaler aim to provide a wild color splash to the jumbo dual coil vaping experience.

The cartomizers are available in several colors and patterns.  The styles range from a subdued combination of silver and white tones, to a vividly bright black and yellow version.  The cartomizers are sold individually, so you can mix and match them to suit your tastes (or possibly juice selection, or even shoes I suppose).

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This ain’t your grandma’s carto!

Possibly the most interesting thing about these cartomizers is the application of the color and pattern.  When I first saw these units, I had assumed there was just a sticker placed on the same cartomizer.  Once I got my hands on some, it was fairly obvious a lot more effort than slapping a decal on went into these things.

For starters, the plastic is much thicker and more rigid than the plain version of these cartomizers. And the finish is not at all a sticker, but the actual tube material itself is somehow infused with the color. Looking at the tube edgewise, the pattern goes all the way through the plastic.  The finish should surely outlast the cartomizer itself.

Each cartomizer also comes with an oversized drip tip.  Depending on which color you select, you will receive either a rubber drip tip or a hard (derlin) tip.  I tend to prefer the hard versions as they have a larger opening, making it much easier to actually drip liquid into the cartomizer.  I’m not quite sure why certain tips only come with certain colors.

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Capacity and Performance
From a capacity and size standpoint, the Twisted Cartos sit in the middle of the pack of the dual coil cartomizer family.  The rated capacity is 3.5ml which puts it above the 1.5ml or so of standard XL cartos, and well below the 5 and 6ml behemoth cartomizers that are floating around.

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On the ProVari

When filling, I found the carto started leaking around the 3ml mark, but after it sat for a few minutes, a little more liquid could be added.  These things have quite a bit of filler so absorption takes a little while.

From a performance standpoint, these don’t deviate too far from any other dual coil cartomizer.  I got great vapor running it at 6v on my Copper Hex.  I was able to run it at 3.9v on my ProVari without the device complaining about the amperage.  The vapor was a little cooler, but still good.  For a full rundown of the performance, read my original XXL dual coil cartomizer review.

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Too Long; Didn’t Read
The Twisted Dual Coil Jumbo Cartomizers from Nhaler are a little bit different from the parade of increasingly huge dual coil cartomizers.  While at 3.5ml of capacity they aren’t nearly as big as some of the offerings out there, their unique color and design would surely turn some heads.  The construction appears to be much more solid than that of the generic 3.5ml cartomizers.  If you want to make a fashion statement by way of your cartomizers, you can pick some up over at Nhaler.


  • Unique styling
  • Patterns are embedded in the tube
  • Cartomizers are solidly built
  • Great dual coil performance
  • Fairly expensive for cartomizers
  • Drip tip choice is dependent on color selection
  • Dual coils aren’t well suited for every type of e-cigarette
Product: Twisted Dual Coil Jumbo Cartomizers
Buy it at: Nhaler
Price: $7.00 each
Device: Cartomizer
Capacity: 3.5ml
Configuration: Dual vertical coils
Resistance: 1.5Ω
Threading: Joye 510
Disclosure: I received samples of this product at no charge from Nhaler.

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