NJOY LOOP: Old School with a New Twist [Review]

Despite appearances, genuine e-cigarettes (the kind that look like, well, cigarettes) are not dead yet.  NJOY is sticking with the traditional e-cigarette while giving it a modern upgrade.  Read the review to find out what they’re up to.


Disclosure:  I received this product for review from NJOY.

What’s in the box

  • 1 Charging case
  • 2 quick-charge batteries
  • 1 USB magnetic charger
  • 1 USB A to USB C charging cable

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The Review

NJOY is an old-school e-cigarette company to the core.  They were one of the parties that brought the original lawsuit to the FDA to keep them from outright banning e-cigarettes in the early days of the industry.  NJOY was also one of the first companies to get nation-wide retail shelf space with their disposable e-cigarettes. 

Since the days of the original FDA lawsuit the vaping industry has grown both in size and technology beyond anyone’s expectations.  NJOY’s new LOOP system updates some of the technology while sticking to its traditional e-cigarette roots.

On the surface the LOOP is nothing we haven’t seen before.  It’s a traditional e-cigarette with an on-the-go charging case.  I reviewed so many of those things back in the day.  

In all honesty, those old-school cases were kind of clunk at best.  NJOY’s new case is definitely better built.  It’s strayed away from the idea of a traditional cigarette pack to a more streamlined gizmo more akin to a smartphone.  

Unlike a phone, there’s no fancy LED screen or anything.  There are a couple of handy LED lights on the side to indicate the status of the case’s internal battery along with each individual battery’s charging status.

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Even better, you can actually charge two batteries at once without having to remove the flavor pod from the battery.  Flavor pod is the term NJOY gave to what used to be called a cartomizer.

In industry speak, devices like the LOOP are what’s called “closed system.”  This means that the device uses pre-filled proprietary cartridges rather than a tank you refill using e-liquid.  

There are some benefits to closed systems.  Mainly, they are dead simple to use.  Just screw on the pod, vape until it’s gone, recycle it and put on a new one. 

Closed Systems are particularly useful for smokers who don’t want all the fussing and… oddities that come with hard-core vaping.  These types of devices, particularly ones that resemble cigarettes and have no button like the NJOY LOOP make it super easy to make the switch away from smoking.

The downside is that this tends to be a more expensive way to vape and flavor choices are limited.

NJOY has made some of the improvements in their LOOP system possible by literally turning the e-cigarette upside down.  Regular e-cigarettes charge from the connector where the atomizer screws into the battery.  The LOOP batteries have inductive charging on the tip allowing them to charge without removing the pod.

In addition to the charging case, the kit comes with a plug-in USB charger.  The charger looks a lot like a USB thumb drive, but with a couple of round ports.  You can drop one or both of the included cigarettes onto those ports to charge them.  The built-in magnet does an excellent job of holding the e-cigarettes in place while they charge.

The included batteries are automatic batteries.  This means there’s no fire button.  Simply load up a pod, puff on the device and vapor comes out.  Unfortunately, no pods come with the device, so you will have to buy them separately.  I’ll drop a coupon code for you at the end of this piece.

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Even the batteries have been updated.  Gone are those stupid plastic “ash caps” that used to be ubiquitous on this type of device.  Instead, the end is silver with a tiny LED ring that lights up white when you puff the e-cigarette.  

The batteries feel lighter than older generation models.  Yet, they also feel more solid.  They lack the distinctive cheap plastic feel older models had.

From a performance standpoint, I feel like I no longer have a frame of reference.  I’ve been using mods with low nicotine and high vapor output for so long, I kind of forgot about the throat hit and high nicotine experience.

For the first time in ages, I got an honest nicotine buzz while using the LOOP e-cigarette.  I also felt that distant yet distinct memory of the warm tightness in my throat.  Something I used to long for, throat hit.  

Sure, the LOOP (or any other traditional e-cigarette) doesn’t crank out a whole lot of vapor.  But, it definitely does a better job of mimicking smoking than advanced devices.

If you’re looking for something that puts out massive vapor, this isn’t the product for you.  To be fair, I doubt anyone who is into cloud chasing has read the article to this point.  There are different devices for different people, and this one is aimed squarely at the folks moving over from smoking.

Compared with the other options out there like disposables, the LOOP is a great choice for entry into the world of vaping. It is well-designed, beautiful and incredibly simple to use.  What more could you want?

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