Odd Reasons Establishments Ban eCigs

This is Nottingham ran an article about electronic cigarettes and some local institutions that ban the devices. The list of establishments includes a university and a popular chain of pubs. What’s interesting is the justifications for such bans. It’s not the usual health nonsense you normally hear, rather, it’s a totally different kind of nonsense.

Banning  e-cigarettes   is  a             real drag  for 'smokers' | This is Nottingham

Pub chain JD Wetherspoon has also decided to ban the devices, saying they are too difficult to police.

A spokesman said: “We have on occasions experienced customers attempting to pass real cigarettes off as electronic cigarettes, resulting in customers actually trying to smoke in the pub.

“Although these incidents are rare, they can result in the pub being heavily fined.”

It’s interesting to see how things have evolved in just a few short years. Of course, what I want to know is what sort of jerk thinks nobody will notice a lit cigarette isn’t anything like an electronic one.  I’m waiting for the first place to just ban red LEDs on e-cigarettes.

Steve K

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