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MJTech Ola X Review (Performance)

Like I did in page 1 I’m going to break this section down between the device itself and the included tank.  We’ll start with the tank

Ola X Tank Performance

I didn’t have a whole lot of faith in a tank with such silly designs on it, to be honest.  However, after using it my tune has changed.  Ok, I seriously need to stop it with the music puns.

ola x review tank partsAnyway, when coupled with the Ola X, the tank is an amazing performer and not at all power hungry.  You’d think since it shipped with a battery that goes up to 5.5v, this tank would want a ton of current running through it.

The truth is, it actually doesn’t do great at 5v, I didn’t even try 5.5.  Don’t run away yet.

Performance at lower voltages, is fairly impressive.  I felt I got good vapor even when I was down in the mid-3 volt range.  Optimal performance came about a volt higher around 4.5 volts.

For what seemed to be a fairly off-the-shelf tank, there was a really good amount of vapor going on. The vapor was warm and the flavor was very nice.  I just really wish the tank were made of Pyrex so I could have used e-liquid I’m more familiar with to get a true gauge of how well it transmits that flavor.

I’d even go so far to say that if they sold these tanks separately, I’d seriously consider getting some.  If it had a Pyrex tank, I would absolutely put some of these in my stash of tanks.

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Ola X Battery Output

Ok, so here we are at the bonus round.  I wanted to see how well MJTech’s super eGo (again with the puns) could back up the clams the text on the box was making.

mjtech ola x review voltage dialThe stats claim that it has a cutoff at 5 amps and can handle loads down to 1 ohm.  With the help of an online Ohm’s Law Calculator, I found that means this device should be capable of handling a 1.1 ohm load at the full 5.5 volts.  That’s a power output of 27.5 watts.

Unfortunately, I don’t have anything with exactly a 1.1 ohm resistance mainly because I’m not that precise at building coils, and I happen to be out of wire at the moment.

Instead, I decided to kick it old school and go with the torture test I used to use for reviews.  It so happens I have a vintage box of Smoktech dual coil pre-punched cartomizers and the Smok pyrex Dual Coil Tank.

I also have an inline ohm meter that never works with eGos.  Despite this, I set everything up and found that this device actually has proper power output and the meter can read it.

As I expected, the results aren’t quite as impressive as the numbers on the box portray.

While the battery was able to output 5.6v unloaded, adding the 1.5 ohm cartomizer caused the output to drop steeply to 5.0v.

That is an unfortunate voltage drop, and I’m guessing getting this thing up to 27.5 watts is not very likely.


Let’s look at the numbers the Ola X put up in my testing.  5.0v with a 1.5 ohm cartomizer works out to to almost 17 watts and 3.3A of current.  From a freakin’ eGo-style e-cigarette.

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Those numbers are actually pretty damn insane.  There’s quite a few big battery APVs I’ve reviewed that can’t put out that much current. Even my trusty ProVari tends to struggle with these particular cartos at 5v since that’s so close to its 3.5A cutoff.

Companies always tend to juke the stats a little, so I’m not surprised. What I am surprised at is how much performance is coming from a midrange device.

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Too Long; Didn’t Read

The Ola X from MJTech might not be available in stores, but this oversized eGo-style device has some eye-catching designs to it. It’s not just a no-go showboat. The included tank performs quite admirably, and the battery is probably the most powerful eGo-style midrange e-cigarette I’ve come across. That may be worth hitting up your favorite vape shop, or getting ahold of the MJTech folks and asking them to sell you one retail (hint: they just might).


  • Interesting designs
  • Amazing battery performance
  • Great included tank


  • Not currently available at retailers
  • Plastic tank
  • Some fit and finish issues
  • Real-world performance less than the published specs

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