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Is making your own e-juice like roll-your-own electronic cigarettes?
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As I begin delving into the wonderful world of do it yourself (DIY) eLiquid mixing for my electronic cigarettes, something became pretty clear to me very quickly.  DIY mixing is all about the ratios.  If you are someone who sucks at math like me, it’s pretty important to have some sort of calculator handy to figure this stuff out for you.  There’s actually quite a few entries in this field, and I don’t want to say that the one I’m writing about here is necessarily better or worse than any other, it’s simply the one that works for me.  

E-Juice calculators come available for a variety of platforms including the popular PC program eJuice Me Up  fancy spreadsheets and even an iPhone app.  The problem for me is that I am a Mac user primarily, so the PC program won’t work, and I wanted something web-based so I could use it regardless of platform.

A google search will quickly turn up tons of web sites with eJuice calculators.  Some DIY e-liquid suppliers also have calculators on their sites. Many of these are great and easy to use, but lacked one key feature: the ability to handle a nicotine base that was not 100% propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine.

DIY E-Juice Calculator

The one online calculator I found that could handle that was the DIY E-Juice calculator at  The site might be a little bit ugly, but it houses one handy eJuice calculator. At first glance, the calculator looks complicated because it has so many features, but with a little bit of use, it becomes fairly easy to fill out the form.

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This tool lets you create recipes with up to 6 different flavorings.  You can adjust for PG/VG ratios AND also allow for water or alcohol (or a 7th flavor as the field is configurable.)

It is a little tricky adjusting the columns, for example you have to enter a PG level in the flavorings, the default being 50%.  If you try to create a mix that is physically impossible with your target nicotine level, it will adjust the PG ratio and recipe to match the nicotine level.

The second set of columns is for a feature that while isn’t strictly necessary, I am in love with it.  You can add your cost for materials (nicotine, PG/VG, flavorings) and it will calculate how much its costing you to make your juice per ML and in the quantity you selected in your recipe.  Nothing like seeing that it’s costing you 3 bucks to make a 30 ML batch of juice!

Finally, another neat trick is that once you hit calculate, your recipe is stored in the URL that’s generated by the site.  You can then book mark your recipe for future use, or share the link with others.  Here is an example with a recipe I want to try out once I can secure all the flavorings.

The site does offer a few other things including more simplified calculators if  you don’t need strange base liquid ratios like I do.  There are probably other features that I glossed over here, and maybe there are features this calculator lacks that you really need, but with support for weird ratios, multiple flavors, pricing and recipe saving, will probably get you most of the way there.

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  • The most accurate e-luqid calculator. You can use the two liquids. Separately from the main flavor of the liquid. Calculator will calculate you how much you need to add nicotine base, propylene glycol (add PG), glycerin (add VG), distilled water (add Water), in order to get the muck specified parameters. URL:

  • In parentheses is written translation of each item. if that write in support – all explained.

  • The best tool on the internet! Great for making your own ejuices for the DIY. The calculator is very accurate as it is important to know that you have the correct levels in your ejuice, meaning, too much of any one liquid will drastically change the characteristics of your flavor and even the nicotine levels. I highly recommend this tool for anyone of the DIY community.

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