Palm Pocket Vaporizer Duo e-Cigarette Kit Review

Palm is a new player in the ever-growing e-cigarette industry. That doesn’t mean the company should be dismissed. Rather, they are focusing on a category of e-cigarettes I’ve always been fond of: the pocketable model.  In this review of the Palm Pocket Duo Kit, I’ll see if this newcomer deserves a spot in a crowded field.

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Palm pocket vaporizer review card image Product name Palm Pocket Vaporizer Duo Starter Kit
Available from
Price  $54.99
Includes 2 x batteries, 2x clearomizers, charger, ac adapter, e-liquid
Competing products  Kanger eVod, 777 Magnum
Who’s it for?  Users looking for a no-nonsense, good performing device for on-the-go use

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What is the Palm Pocket Vaporizer?

In the most basic of terms, the Palm is a mid-range style e-cigarette featuring a bottom coil clearomizer.  The clearomizer has a removable cap to protect the mouthpiece from pocket lint and any other sort of debris it could encounter.

palm duo e-cigarette review kit contentsThe Duo kit gets its name because it contains two batters and clearos, as opposed to the standard kit which includes only one unit. The company is calling their clearomizers the Clear Pro.

Let’s start then with the Clear Pro.  The pro is sort of a mix between a CE5 and a straight-sided tank like some of the ones in the Kanger lineup. For a sort of stealth pocket kit, the liquid capacity is quite generous coming in at 2.4ml.

You can tell the capacity is 2.4ml because there are the now customary liquid level markings on the tank. These are designed to show liquid levels when the tank is upright.

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Because this is a bottom coil tank that like most other BCCs, it fills by removing the bottom cap.  You’ll find there’s no max fill markings to go along with the orientation, so you have to eyeball it with the center stem. It’s not difficult, just be careful to not overfill, allowing liquid to over top the stem causing liquid to rush the mouthpiece.

The top of the clearomizer features threading to accommodate the straight sided cap that gives the device a finished look and keeps stuff from getting into the CE4-style drip tip.  Unlike many of its contemporaries, the tip actually is removable and can be replaced by another Ce4 style drip tip if you are so inclined.

Moving on to the battery, it’s a fairly minimalist deal.  The fire button is contoured to match the curvature of the battery itself and features a color-changing light ring around the button. It has the standard 5-click on/off, and is a single voltage device.

The light illuminates when charging. Interestingly, the LED on the included USB charger never turned to red, rather charging status was displayed on the battery itself.  I’m not sure if that was intentional or a problem with the USB dongle.

What’s Using the Palm Duo Like?

palm duo e-cigarette review image 2Using the Palm gear is fairly pleasant.  There’s no real bells and whistles, but the fire button on the battery is well placed and has a nice tactile feel to it. That’s important since it is a completely flush-mounted button.

On the tank side of things, I did notice a slight leak from one of the clearos. Nothing major, just a drop or two over the course of the day. This could be a result of over filling, or perhaps I forgot to make sure the replacement head was fully secured in the bottom cap of the clearomizer.

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What is most interesting about the Palm setup is the battery life.  The battery itself is a just a 650 mAh battery, yet that thing lasted several hours of moderate vaping for me. I’m still not sure how that happened, perhaps it’s a fairly low voltage battery, but it was impressive none-the-less.

Normally, when you have a fairly under powered setup, that means you’ll get pretty weak vapor. I’m not going to call this a fog machine, but the vapor was respectable.  I’m actually surprised about how well it produced vapor for being a simple midrange kit.

The only real criticism I’m going to lay at the feet of this Palm gear is its pocketability. When I had the device in a pocket in my jeans and I sat down, the clearomizer tank separated slightly from the body.  It didn’t break, and I was about to push it back in place, which means there’s not really any glue involved. But, for an e-cigarette that has the word “pocket” in the name, it seems like they could make a slightly more resilient clearomizer.

If I really wanted to nitpick I could point out that when I was ready to use the Palm Pocket, I promptly set aside the top cap of the clearomizer and never looked at it again.  Sure it looks great in pictures, but for me it’s just a little piece I’m going to end up losing.

All in all, I think it’s a decent kit. It’s unassuming, but performs well. The minimalist appearance of the design gives it a business-like feel. When you need something that can do a great job of delivering vapor without getting in its own way, it excels. If this sounds like a good fit for you, pay a visit to Palm’s website.

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Too Long; Didn’t Read

palm duo ecig review tldr image

The Palm Pocket Vaporizer Duo is one of two kits offered by e-cigarette newcomer Palm. The kit is well-built, and the 650mAh battery lasts a surprisingly long time. You won’t find much in the way of fancy features here, but you will find good performance and a design that won’t draw a lot of attention to itself.


  • Good, clean design
  • Good performance
  • Long battery life
  • Replaceable heads


  • Not ideal for pants pockets
  • No good place to store protective cap
  • Plastic tank won’t stand up to acidic e-liquids

Disclosure: This product was provided to me for review by Palm. 

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