Panda Offers 140ml of e-liquid for less than $20 if you’re Adventurous

Panda eCigs always seems to have these interesting sales.  The current one they’re calling the adventure pack. For $19.95 you get a bunch of e-liquid: 7 X 10ml of Panda e-liquid, 2 X 30ml plus an extra 10ml of Apollo e-liquid.  That comes up to 140 ml.  Here’s the catch:  you don’t know what you’re getting for flavors until it shows up in your mailbox (you do get to pick the strength).  So you have to ask yourself, do you feel lucky?  If you do then you can get a crazy deal on e-liquid.  Maybe go in with friends and have a swap party or something.

If you’re up for an adventure, hit up Panda eCigs and get your order in.

Steve K

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