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Pink Spot Vapors Vendor Review

Welcome to the first ever guest review on Steve K’s Vaping World!  This review was written by Jesse B and is the first of a two-part review of Pink Spot Vapors.  I hope to keep e-liquid reviews going as a regular thing, so if you’re interested in writing guest reviews of e-liquid, we should talk.  And now, over to Jesse. — Steve K.

What follows is my first of what I hope to be many future reviews of e-liquid vendors, the types of services they provide, what I’ve come to know of them through personal experience, and a single juice review of a flavor that, if I had but one to choose, I’d say is at the top of the list for that particular vendor. More to come on any given vendor under the good graces of my host, personal favorite e-cig reviewer, and lol worthy news bringer extraordinaire, Steve K. [:)]

Pink Spot Vapors Review Title Image

Without further ado…

During the early stages in my search for variety in vaping and reliable vendors to sample, I ended up doing quite a bit of research into some of the top rated American made, based, and sourced e-juice mixers. Amongst many other reputable e-liquid providers that became staples in my vaping repertoire, I came across a link to

Pink Spot Vapors is a e-liquid vendor whose base of operations is out of America’s playground in Las Vegas. Owners Penn and Sandi got their start as bartenders and cocktail mixologists in the always popular nightlife scene of Vegas.

This becomes apparent upon perusing their signature flavors; many of which are inspired by distinctive and flavorful cocktails served up in area clubs, lounges and casinos alike to those looking for a delicious ways to take in their evenings portion of alcohol. They’ve taken their knack for mixing smiley potions into the world of vaping, and the results many would agree are well worth the effort on their part. One can even have any particular flavor “on ice” with just the right amount of menthol flavor added for those of you who are into that sort of thing.

Pink Spot Sample Packs

In the pursuit of all day vapes I’ve gravitated towards sample packs when it comes to trying out new vendors, as I wouldn’t like to be put off by an entire distributor simply because one or two flavors were not to my liking. Otherwise I’d run the risk of missing out on an all day vape in the process of building my vapers pallet, while also trying to keep an eye on retaining the girth of this vapers wallet.

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pink spot vapors sample packI was pleased to find that their sample packs were well priced & offered six 6ml bottles of any flavor of your choosing, in a common 50/50 PG/VG ratio. The nicotine strengths range from a very strong cigar like strength of 36mg (a bit strong for most people), to what was my personal starting point of 24mg, and so on in intervals of six milligrams all the way down to zero.

The few exceptions to the nicotine strength choices is their tobacco flavors which for some reason seem to only go down to 12mg. Also it’s interesting and encouraging to note that not only will PSV put personalized messages on your bottles for you at no additional cost, but they will even go so far as to personalize your nicotine levels for you in intervals of a single milligram.

Yes, I actually ordered bottles of 23mg e-liquid from them for the lols. While this may seem a trifle outlandish and unnecessary, for those looking to ease off of nicotine as gently as humanly possible this may just be the easiest transition gradually from 24mgs to 8mg or even 0mg e-liquid that is presently available in the industry. Of course one could use an online mixing calculator and mix up their own batches of e-liquid. However DIY liquid is quite a venture to partake in for someone new to vaping and is not advisable unless you are seriously up on your nicotine safety lessons & willing make a few crummy batches in the name of progress.

Shipping and Service

It’s important to note they have speedy delivery save for maybe during the holidays when everyone experiences delays. The cost of shipping is well within standard, reasonable shipping costs, and arrive in flat rate priority shipping boxes. No first class envelopes to possibly get smashed while in route, nor will it likely take 7-10 days to get to your door increasing the potential for over exposure to the elements.

In my personal experience PSV orders tend to show up at my door earlier than other orders placed that same day, which is saying something as I’m on the east coast and they are on the other side of the country from my current abode.

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To top things off all purchases come with a hand written and oft-times personalized letter, especially if you’re a return customer or an active member of their Facebook page. It’s just another way to let the customer know they care, and I for one enjoy a bit of banter from a vendor I frequent.

The icing on the cake is the fact that every bottle I’ve received has been filled to the brim, the bottles are strong and very pocket worthy, the label is attractive and has a “born on date”, the caps don’t rattle or leak and form a perfect seal regardless of the bottle size, and each order comes with a single 3ml tester bottle which is picked at random which can really open up ones tastes to e-liquid flavors one wouldn’t have considered ordering off-hand.

Flavor Selections

One such sample led me to order a 30ml bottle of the same kind with my next order, and it’s worth mentioning that they just added 120ml bottles for those who REALLY like a particular flavor [:)]

PSV Flavor sample

At Pink Spot Vapors there are a plethora of flavors to choose from, at least a dozen of which I would order without hesitation. I’d do so knowing full well from past experiences that each batch will be practically identical to the last one.

This is not always the case with other juice vendors for one reason or another. While getting a bad batch of an off flavor or quick to expire bottle once in a while won’t necessarily force me to turn my back on a vendor for good, it is a great feeling knowing when I order from PSV I will get exactly what I was expecting every time.

They have “take it to the bank” flavors and because of this I don’t hesitate trying a new flavor that sounds right up my alley or even something more exotic. Knowing with each purchase I will get to try something new in the form of their 3ml free sample bottle. Such free samples are definitely a selling point that a few other vendors provide as well, and it is my opinion that if more vendors would practice this form of advertising they would benefit in return sales and expanded fan base.

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The juice from PSV also seems to age quite gracefully and retain its flavor, color, and consistency over the period of the many months I’ve had some of the bottles in my arsenal. Though I must say PSV juices do tend to get vaped rather quickly, due to their sheer decadence and the fact that they are thinner than my usual VG heavy juice collection.

They’re always trying something new, and have coupon codes and special promotions throughout the year such as fancy mod give aways, and have had special events where in the spirit of Las Vegas they will double ones order if it ends in 00, which I believe they called “double down Fridays” [:D]

My opinions are my own and not influenced in any way shape or form, I am not nor would I ever accept money or bribes of any kind to sway my reviews one way or another, and while this was a very positive review of said vendor it merely speaks to the quality and customer service of PSV. Trust that if I had an issue with a vendor or their products I’d politely state such things within the confines of the review. This being my “first official review evaaaar” I’m open to constructive criticism, and anything I’ve overlooked or expanded too much upon I’d attempt to rectify in future reviews to come.

The only even remotely negative thing I could think to say about PSV is the fact that their juice costs nearly a buck per milliliter, which is a tad high, and is a tad thin and quicker to vape than some e-liquids, but in all honesty you get what you pay for in this case with the flavors balanced just exactly so..

Submitted humbly for your approval and for the potential betterment of the greater vaping community at large. Be proud to be a vaper, and take any and all vaping scrutiny in stride and a big ole grain of salt.

Much love yall, vape on!

-Jesse B.

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Stay tuned next week for Jesse’s review of Pink Spot’s Honey Cured e-liquid.


  • Steve, can't tell you how much I enjoy and look forward to your articles.

    • I can't take credit for this one :) It was all Jesse B's doing, I just put in the pictures.

      But I know what you're saying, thank you, I appreciate your kind words.

  • Jesse, couldn't agree more…

  • Very nice review Jesse, very good work.
    Being Canadian, i wonder if they ship to Canada. I will check on there site..
    Thanks again!

  • Great Review! I really want to buy some PinkSpot now – this is like the 3rd time at least in the last week someone has mentioned it! Good job guys :)

    and to answer Frenchy128 – I emailed PinkSpot about 2 days ago with the same Question, I'm from Montreal, they said "No problem" :)

  • PSV has replaced my old vendor, as their juices are very, very good…I have had a few that I didn't care for, but nothing in this old world is perfect. Is it expensive? Yes. As expensive as analogs? Nope. Do I like the personalized service, the willingness to cut down to 6mg nic level as I travel to 0mg, the lightning-fast shipping, and general all-around high quality as so eloquently noted above? Yes, yes, yes and yes.

    Love PSV and will continue to use them exclusively!!!

  • I thought it was a juice review, not a puff piece telling me how great a vendor is. It’s TLTR & didn’t even review any flavors! I’ve tried PSV, & I thought the stuff was mediocre at best. I read posts extolling the virtues of Swagger in particular, & ended up hating it. Yes. Hating. It’s one of the most expensive e-liquid companies around. IMHO, skip PSV & vape Chinese. Tastes about the same & China juice is a lot cheaper!

    • I'll take the blame on that one. The review as it was given to me includes a review Honey cured. However, the piece was nearly 3000 words long. Since there was a clear break between the intro about Pink Spot and the juice review itself, I opted to split it into two parts. The second piece will be out next week that gets into detail on the juice itself.

  • Nice write-up Jesse,

    PSV has been my main supplier of juice for the past year, and don't plan on going anywhere else either! I didn't hear about them serving up 120ml bottles until reading this, i suggested that to them a couple months ago, wish it was a bigger discount than $4 between 4x30ml and the 120 Look forward to part 2!


  • Jesse, this was an awesome review. It was so “spot” i look forward to more reviews. I love pink spot also. Its the one I always go back to and order on a regular basis.

  • I would like to add our review as well. They are one of our Juicers we use .

    PINK SPOT- Bubble gum- The bubble gum juice taste just like bubbleyum. It has a great BG taste to it and is not overpowering with sweetness. Pefect Buns- This Juice has a vanilla caramel flavor to it. It is one of my favs. Rye8- This is a hard one toe explain but it is a nutty flavor to it with out being sweet. I love mixing this one with Rye 4. Swagger- This has a bite to it it is a bit alcoholic and has a lemon flavor to it. Not my favorite. Riptide- This is kindof like the PS of like the PS signature it is very sweet and fruity. It is kind of like the pixie stick we bought as kids. Chocolate- One word Delicious. Coconut cream pie- Nce flavor you can taste the coconut and some other flavors. Pirates Booty- Nice tangy flavor. All of these have decent TH great flavor and well balanced Vapor. Sandi And Penn shine. Code PR10 FOR 10 OFF

  • Thanks for all the wonderful comments everyone, it only makes me more enthused to write further vendor/juice reviews in the future! Rest assured I’m not pandering and pay full price for juice like anyone else. The review is sparkling because, well, PSV is a great vendor! I dont like all their flavors but that’s to be expected.. to the criticism I say thank you as well, every rose has its thorn lol.. i despise chinese eliquid and dont trust it but to each their own.. My next review will likely be on Alien Visions, my first ever eliquid company! Blend 4 was what I quit smoking with and there is absolutely nothing quite like it .. I do have a tendency to be long winded, sorry folks its who i am lol.. special thanks to steve for giving me a platform for my long winded ecig rants.. :D i had fun with it and dats whats goood..

  • DID you ever meet your goal of 1000 bottles for breast cancer awareness

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