Prebuilt Coils For Klutzes (Like me)

I’m a big fan of rebuildable tanks and atomizers (RBTAs and RBAs).  The ability to use a cheap chunk of wire and some cotton to make a new heat source for my vaping has been very appealing to me.  

Of course there are very good tanks out there that have some amazing coils built into them.  But replacement heads can be expensive as compared to building a new coil setup.

Essentially, what you get into is a situation of convenience vs price and performance.  Not to mention, that building coils, especially some of the fancy new coils is an art not everyone has mastered.

By “everyone” I mean me.  Here’s my confession, I’m terrible at building coils.  I can barely make a decent simple coil even using a specialized kit like the CoilMaster.

Some vape shops will build coils for you, but that’s sort of like admitting defeat.

I ended up browsing Amazon some time ago for a Clapton Coil.  While vaporizers and e-liquids are generally banned from Amazon, component parts are not.  And sure enough I ran into something like this:

Pretty awesome.  Not only did it have Claptons but all kinds of crazy vaporizer coils I never even heard of.  There are a ton of options, including the multipacks where you can get a whole bunch of coils for not a lot of scratch.

Now all I have to do is cut the coils to the right size and screw them into my favorite RBAs and tanks, and throw some cotton in there and off I go.

Now you too can benefit from my dirty little secret.

Steve K

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