Puresmoker Icon 1.1: Impressions

A lot of e-cigarettes have met their untimely demise through my cruel hands. I tend to be a little bit careless on my things at times. So when a friend told me about dropping his Icon from Puresmoker from his motorcycle at 35 mph, I figured I should give this device a whirl. 


MUCH smaller than some others

The Icon, which is the little brother to Puresmoker’s Prodigy 3.1 is a stainless steel tube style electronic cigarette mod (“modi e-cigarette, usually refers to units that use a separate rechargeable battery). The mod uses a single 14500 battery, which puts this in the 3.7v class of e-cigarettes. In the size department, the Icon is slightly larger than your garden-variety 650mAh eGo battery. This makes this thing downright tiny by mod standards.

Aside from being small, and incredibly solid feeling, the Icon is downright sleek. I opted for the media-blasted stainless steel finish. This gives the tube more of a satin finish. The shiny end caps provide a nice contrast which makes the Icon just look sharp.

Technically, 4 pieces

Designed for simplicity, the Icon is a purely mechanical mod. There are no electronics or wires in this device at all. A button at the bottom of the Icon pushes the spring-loaded battery against the terminal at the top to make an electrical connection and provide power to the atomizer or cartomizer attached.

The design is a three-piece affair with a tube, a top cap with threads for the atomizer and a bottom cap with button assembly and a spring. The button assembly is the most complex piece of the Icon that uses brass screws to mount the interior assembly to the exterior button. There is a nicely etched logo on the button itself, which also features a clever safety switch.

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To engage the safety switch preventing accidental pressing of the fire button (remember, this is mechanical, so no timed safety shut off), turn the ring under the fire button until it butts up against the button, this locks the button in place so it can’t be pressed. Turn the ring clockwise to move it against the body, re-enabling the fire button. The concept is incredibly ingenious and simple all at the same time.

I really like the overall design of the Icon, save for a couple of issues, for both of which I (cleverly) found simple workarounds. The first is battery compatibility. One of the reasons I pulled the trigger on the Icon over the Prodigy was that I already had 14500 batteries, so I figured I could save a couple bucks. When I got the Icon and loaded my battery, I found the fit was too tight. The button wouldn’t depress, and in fact, the battery made a full connection, meaning the button was stuck in the “on” position.

I have very low standards for cleverness

A quick trip to the Puresmoker message board revealed that the Trustfire batteries I have are actually ¼” longer than the 14500 batteries for which the Icon was designed (so much for standards). I noticed that I could back out the end caps a little which would provide enough space inside to allow the switch to function properly. I then put an O-ring on the threading on both the bottom and top that allowed the Icon to be tightened and still provide proper switch operation. I’ll likely acquire the correct batteries at some point, but for now this works well.

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While in the process of patting myself on the back for figuring out the battery trick, I noticed that not all of my cartomizers would fire when attached to the Icon. This appears to be due to the positioning of the battery connector inside the atomizer connection. Adding a 510 “shorty” extension resolved those issues.

The extension is also probably a good idea to avoid constantly screwing and unscrewing devices from the Icon since the threads will likely wear out in time. Fortunately, Puresmoker sells both replacement atomizer adapters and button assemblies, so all is not lost if something terrible happens.


Rocking my favorite carto!

Performance-wise, the Icon is going to perform like any mechanical mod. The amount of voltage applied to the atomizer or cartomizer is fully dependent on the batteries used in the mod. You’re likely to get the same sort of vapor from the Icon that you would with a box mod using the same batteries. Therefore, the Icon is more about feel than performance.

The Icon’s feel is very solid. There is some heft to the device, which gives it a nice hand feel. You know you are in possession of something solid that will be quite comfortable in a pocket or the bottom of a bag somewhere. The actual mechanics of the button are superb as well.

The button takes a fair amount of pressure to engage, but not to the point where it feels like work. The action is fluid and smooth, there’s no jerkiness or stopping point when firing up the atomizer. The only real complaint is that I’m still not quite used to bottom-mounted button. Coming from electronic cigarettes like the eGo and others, I’m just more comfortable with a side-mounted button. It just feels like I’m awkwardly grasping this thing in my fist when I’m vaping.

Too Long; Didn’t Read
The Icon is a small tube-style mod that is built like a tank. Built from stainless steel, the Icon is a very sexy looking device with a solid 3-piece diesign. While it takes a little getting used to the bottom-mount button, you know you are hanging onto an incredibly well built device while you vape. Being fully mechanical, there’s no reason why this device won’t be a faithful companion for years to come. Match the Icon with your favorite low resistance cartomizer or atomizer, and you’ve got a pretty time on your hands.

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  • Small size 
  • Solid construction 
  • Good looks 
  • Replaceable parts 
  • Excellent button design

  • Button placement takes some adjusting to 
  • Purely mechanical design means no voltage regulation or safety cut off 
  • Some 14500 batteries won’t fit properly 
  • Atomizer threading could strip 
  • Not all cartomizers/atomizers fit properly without adapter 

Product: Icon v1.1
Manufacturer: Puresmoker
Purchased from: Puresmoker
Price: $81.99
Threading: 510 or 801
Battery: 14500 unprotected, safe chemistry (not included)

Disclosure: I use affiliate links and banners from Puresomker.com

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  • Steve over at Puresmoker hit me up to offer a couple of additional tips on the Icon, so I thought I'd pass them along.Couple Quick Notes of Suggestion:1) The plastic piece on the switch is actually 2 pieces. If you don't want to use the o-rings anymore. Simply take the top dome plastic piece off, and screw the screw down to the bottom piece only. You'll gain quite a bit of room … So much so, you may need to add a washer under the screw itself, but you should be able to make it work without o-rings 2) In all the Stainless Steel adapters we have sold, not 1 has ever stripped. Now, it will strip atomizer threads because they are so weak, but the ICON threads should never strip When we used to use brass, they would strip occasionally, but since moving to stainless, we haven't seen that issue!

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