ProVape Unveils new Radius APV

The ProVari might be the grand old dame of high performance personal vaporizers.  ProVape is a company that doesn’t move a lightning speed, focusing on quality instead of the latest fad. But the ProVari maker finally let a new design out of the bag, and get this. It’s not a  giant tube mod.

The ProVape Radius is more of a box-style device that’s kind of like two tubes stuck together, but in a way that looks way better than I described it.  It actually looks pretty fantastic and will stack up well next to sharp looking APVs currently on the market like the eVic VT series.

Of course, this being made by ProVape, the performance will be rock-steady.  They’ve also put in a few new features to help modernize their line.  It’s stable down to a .3 ohm load at 9.8 Amps.  There’s an OLED screen and finally, proper USB charging via a micro USB port. Not only that, but you’ll be able to update the firmware via that USB port.

Fear not, battery lovers. Although the Radius comes with a battery, it’s a standard 18650 you can remove and replace.

The company also promises dead accurate and stable power, which is what they do better than just about anyone.  They also have an interesting feature called HotShot boost that will deliver a little extra power when you start vaping to make sure your coils are good and warmed up.

There’s a bunch more features as well, so be sure to check out ProVape’s page for all the details including pricing.

Oh, did I mention it’s $50 cheaper than the ProVari P3?

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I have to admit I’m pretty jaded about new products these days (hence the slowdown in reviews).  But, I’m downright giddy about a new device from the makers of the original ProVari.

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