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ProVari Version 2 Review Update

ProVari V2 Review Update

provari review provari e-cigarette image

ProVape, makers of the ProVari variable voltage e-cigarette quietly rolled out version 2 of their classic high-end e-cigarette mod. The ProVari V2 is not a radical update.  Really only a couple of features have been adjusted.  For the most part this is an incremental update.

If you aren’t familiar with the ProVari, it is one of the most advanced e-cigarettes on the market.  This high-end e-cigarette mod is considered by many fans to be one of the best e-cigarettes on the market bar none.  You can read my original ProVari review to get up to speed.

What’s changed?

The actual appearance of the ProVari remains unchanged.  There are just a couple of changes with the device’s electronics. The first is that the voltage range is a little wider going from 2.9v to 6.0v.  To be honest I have never really heard of anyone using voltage below the original ProVari’s 3.3v range.

The second update is the potential game changer for the new version of the ProVari.  The original version of the e-cigarette mod limited amperage to 2.5 ams.  After that the protection circuitry would kick in and shut the ProVari down.

The new version of the ProVari has upped that limit to 3.5 amps.  This is a considerable bump in amperage and is a pretty big deal.  Here’s why:

Previously, the device was unable to run dual coil cartomizers at higher voltages.  This is because the low resistance of the dual heating coils caused a fairly high amp load at relatively low voltages.  The ProVari V2 should be able to run these dual coils at or above 5 volts!  In my experience dual coil cartomizers really shine at 5 volts.

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Essentially the update will eliminate one of the biggest weaknesses of the original ProVari.

If you’ve been on the fence about the ProVari because of the limitation with the dual coils, your wait is over!  All styles of the device on ProVape’s site are now V2 versions and are available now!

Multiple Size Choices

Along with the more advanced circuitry, ProVape also announced the ProVari mini.  This ProVari features a slightly different tube design featuring what looks sort of like rain drops rather than the ProVari’s classic fluting embellishment.

The Mini, as it sounds, is a smaller version of the original ProVari.  The Mini features the same upgraded circuitry.  The tube is the same diameter, but shorter than the original.  With the default end cap the ProVari Mini can accomodate an 18350 battery.  You can also add the same  extender cap to increase the mini to the size of a stock ProVari without the end cap and run an 18490 battery.

If you like a more compact personal vaporizer, and don’t mind the shorter battery life, you can pick one up at ProVape.

My Real World Experience

I’ve had a couple of weeks to kick the tires on the new, higher horsepower V2 circuitry.  I’ll admit, I haven’t really tested the new feature that allows the minimum voltage to go down to 2.9v.  I’m sure someone must have an application for that, but I couldn’t think of a good reason to set the unit that low.

Most of my use focused on how the higher amperage translated into using dual coil cartomizers.  This is sort of the star attraction of the new V2 for dual coil fans.

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ProVape Electronic CigarettesAs soon as I got my package from ProVape, I opened it up as quickly as my shaky fingers could manage. In went a freshly-charged battery and I popped on a full dual coil cartomizer tank. I set the voltage on the ProVari to 5.0v and hit the button.

A satisfying sizzle sound started, then nothing.  The display presented the dreaded E2 error message.

My heart sank a little, but I soldiered on and dropped the voltage to 4.9.

Again the carto made that happy hissing noise.  This time, it didn’t stop and the error message never came. For some reason that .1 volts was a real sticking point for the ProVari.

In my book, 4.9v is close enough.  I like my dual coil cartos at 5v.  They produce a fantastically warm and rich vapor with flavor to spare.  In short, I’m happy.

As for the cons, well if you like your dual coils at a toasty 5.5-6v you’ll have to keep looking for a solution.  The other con isn’t really specific to the dual coils.  When running the ProVari at high voltages, it’s going to drain your battery a little faster than cruising at a mild 3.7v.

A small price to pay from my perspective.

With this update, the only con left on my original ProVari review is that the button navigation system can be a little annoying at times.  That’s not really a huge con to begin with.  This upgrade has made the ProVari one of the most versatile and solid variable volt devices around.  If you haven’t made the jump yet, you can use this handy link to pick up your own today.

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Disclosure: I feature affiliate links for ProVape, maker of the ProVari V2

Steve K

Hello and welcome to Steve K


  • I don't have one yet Steve, but I just pressed the order button :)

    • I have one in my cart, I'll probably squeeze that trigger later tonight. I need more batteries so I have to decide what else to buy :)

  • I was hoping that if ProVape made a V2 of the ProVari that it would have wattage control like the Darwin. The look of the ProVari is outstanding, but I think the electronics of the Darwin is thus far is the best available. *sigh* I guess I got to wait to see if the Darwin will come out as a tube mod. (Yes, I am this picky.) lol

    • I don't know if the ProVari would ever go with a wattage adjustment or not. It almost seems like the two devices sort of picked their stomping grounds and stuck with it. Of course the Kick will hit the open market soon, but that doesn't have a display or anything. I bet if anything, one of the Chinese manufacturers will eventually come out with something. They're starting to embrace the concept of mods.

      • I agree and although it is good that ProVari and Darwin picked their sides; I just can't vape what I associate with that shape as a pregnancy pee stick. lol Love the wattage adjustment, but it's something I would defiantly need to test drive before buying. I can't wait until the Kick comes out. I watched Basil's review of it, sounds wonderful and hopefully somebody will mod it for a display because it is possible!

        • For some reason I suddenly no longer want a Darwin :)

          • Doesn't matter, really. More like a "pick your poison" deal than anything. You'll still get a vape you like, taste the flavor and not rely on analogs… what else is there?

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    • It just hates you :)

      Not really,

      I've had to go to a moderated setup for a few different reasons. So now, unless you've registered as a WordPress or Intense Debate user, it will hold your comment until I release it (like I'm doing now). No need to panic, these are not the droids you are looking for :)

  • Curious Steve, what is so special about the Provari that folks are willing to pay 3 to 4X what they could pay for a Lava Tube? About the only difference of any significance I can find is the ability to read ohms and of course it's status.

    Based on experience with my LT I think of these single battery VV unit as little more than an over sized fat bat with a voltage adjustment and though you can set the voltage you don't know what you are really vaping at as the voltage drop is nearly as bad as the fat bats. I just took my LT bat off the charger at 4.22v and set the output a 4.22v with my external meter. With my Stone the voltage drop was only .15 from 4.22v but when I set the voltage at 5v the drop was .88v, @ 4.12v from 5v. I then put the Smok Tech DC tank on it at 5v and the under load voltage was 3.9v a full 1.1v drop. I then cranked it up to 5.5v and under load it was still 3.90v, a 1.6v drop. It never did shut down.

    I used the Stone and Smok Tech hoping you would duplicate my experiment to see if the Provari has as much of a under load voltage drop as the LT. If it doesn't then I tip my hat to Provari.

    BTW, what is the Kick and from whom?


    • The difference with the ProVari over the lavatube is the build quality. Both do the same thing (although the V2 ProVari should be able to beat the LT in dual coils) but the ProVari has a much more refined fit and finish. And yes, I believe there's also a little bit of a status attached to the ProVari.

      As far as your results with the Lavatube, you're witnessing the protection circuitry at work. Instead of shutting down like the ProVari, the LT steps the voltage down to a lower preset level when you try to push too much amperage through it.

      • I liken this to golf: you may want a Titleist, Callaway, or Taylormade driver because of the status symbol, but if all the specs (weight, loft, etc.) and build are roughly the same as a lesser-known brand (Acer, KZG, Tom Wishon Golf Technologies, etc.) they'll play exactly the same.

        Three of my friends and I have all been going on one year of No Analogs, and not one of us has spent more than $80 on a mod. Of course, none of us are flashing our mods like bling, either…

  • The difference between the ProVari and the Lavatube is build quality of the body and the electronics.

    The Lava can’t hold voltage at higher levels – they drop as the button is pushed. The voltage drops as the battery drains even though it’s supposed to be consistent.

  • Kay Robinson

    (03/01/12 - 5:17 am)

    Steve, I’m thinking about buying a ProVari, but I have a question. Kind of afraid to ask at ECF, ProVari is so widely coveted! lol! But my question is this: Once you’ve turned the ProVari on, does it stay on? Kind of like an automatic battery, or do you still push the button when you want to vape, like an eGo manual? I currently have an eGo, and I like the fact that I can take a few puffs and sit the thing down for awhile, and then when I want to vape some more, I just press the button again. Is the ProVari like that, or do you have to continually press the button so many times to turn it on and off? If you turn it on, and leave it on, does that drain the battery while it’s sitting idle? And does that make it continually heat your cartomizer until you turn it off? I’ve been doing alot of reading about the ProVari, but have found nothing so far that addresses and answers this question for me. Thanks!

    • The ProVari does not need to be turned on every time you want to use it. It works like an eGo in that regard. Whenever you want to use it, just pick it up and hit the button to vape. You of course can shut it off in the menu system if you want to shut it down for whatever reason. As far as I know, there's no real battery drain leaving it on. And no, it isn't going to apply any current to the cartomizer while idle, only when you press the button to actually vape.

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