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Using the ARO Pyrex BCC

The ARO tank is a pleasant device to use.

While I groused about filling on the previous page, it’s still not that difficult to fill, especially when I think about what we had to go through with the old CE2 style clearomizers and filling.

Pyrex ARO clearomizer on eVICOtherwise, the ARO is a very solid clearomizer that has put up with my placing it on a mini spinner in my pants pocket constantly.  It just has a nice heft to it that feels like it can withstand at least a little abuse.  The clearomizer looks slightly large on many eGo devices, but not as obvious as a big tank of course.

Naturally none of that matters if the performance isn’t good.  There’s lots of stuff that looks great, but doesn’t deliver results.

I found the performance to be on par with the Trophy Tank.

Ok, fine I won’t make you go search for that review.  What fun is a review with homework?  I’ll just tell you about the performance.

It’s good.

Allow me to be more specific. The first thing I noticed with the SmokTech BCC lineup is that they produce right out of the gate. There’s no real break-in period. And most especially, there’s no need to constantly dry puff the thing to keep the coils wet. In fact, I don’t think I ever got much in the way of dry hits on this thing even when pumping the wattage up to 10 watts.

For those of you who really like to push things, I drove it up to 12, but had a hard time keeping things steady at that point.  I found it actually lost some flavor reproduction as well. The vapor was, however, very toasty. When not abusing the ARO cartomizer, flavor reproduction is actually pretty darn good. Not only that, but the performance was good anywhere from 7-10 watts giving it a pretty nice dynamic range so-to-speak.

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Too Long; Didn’t Read

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The ARO Pyrex clearomizer is a solid, well-built model from Smoktech. While the design was inspired by the EVOD, it isn’t a complete clone. Performance is top-notch. If you don’t use acidic e-liquids, you can save a couple bucks with the plastic version.  Both are available at MadVapes (when they can keep them in stock).


  • Pyrex tank
  • Solid build
  • Good looks
  • High capacity
  • Great performance


  • Somewhat on the large side
  • Lip inside tank makes filling a little more difficult

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