Pyrex Replacement Tanks – Finally!

I love me some e-cigarette tanks. I also love some e-liquid that does bad things to said tanks. Certain liquids just destroy plastic tanks, including one of my favorites, Ecto Cooler from Mt. Baker Vapor.  That’s why I was pretty stoked to see that Smoktech came out with Pyrex versions of two of its most popular tanks. In this quick review, I’ll cover the new DCT and Vivi Nova tanks in Pyrex from Smoktech.

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pyrex dct review Product name Pyrex DCT
Available from  MadVapes
Price  $11.69
Competing products  High end Pyrex carto tanks
Who’s it for?  Carto tank fans who enjoy acidic e-liquid

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pyrex vivi nova review Product name SmokTech Pyrex 3.5ml Vivi Nova Tank
Available from  MadVapes
Price  $11.69
Competing products Kanger ProTank
Who’s it for?  Users of tank-cracking e-liquids

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It used to be getting your hands on a Pyrex tank ment laying down a bunch of cash for a handmade version. Now there are some factory built ones, particularly RBAs that are reasonably priced and made with glass tubes.

pyrex tanksHowever, there weren’t a lot of choices in the way of cheap DCTs and Vivi Novas until these came out.  Essentially, they serve the same function as their plastic cousins, so I won’t get too far into those details. If you want more info on those check out my DCT review and my Smoktech Vivi Nova review.

Both tanks have a similar design, though slightly different styles.  Each tank has an inner Pyrex tank with an aluminum outer tank. In each tank is a pair of windows to view e-liquid levels within the tank.

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The DCT is a little different from its plastic siblings in that the endcaps are permanently fixed in place.  There is a dimple for the flange of the Smoktech dual coil cartomizer (one is included with the tank), but no slot to prevent the tank from spinning around on the cartomizer.

A round and a longer oval viewing window are cut out of the outer sleeve for viewing.  With the exception of the unmovable endcaps, the tank is identical to the regualar DCT.

Similarly, the Pyrex Vivi Nova is identical in function to the plastic version all the way down to the spring-loaded center pin.  That’s actually kind of a shame because the Smok tanks are my least favorite of the Nova derivatives. I find they just don’t perform as well as some other brands.

Unfortunately, Smok’s Vivis are threaded differently than everyone elses, I tried to just use the tank with a regular Vision setup, but alas, it was not to be. Instead of two ports in the outer metal sleeve, the Novas get a single sort of hourglass shaped window.

Construction on both tanks feels solid, of course the materials do mean some added weight. Unlike some other Pyrex products I’ve broken, these seem to be able to stand up to a little more abuse.

I’d still avoid chucking them against the wall or dropping them on concrete.

MadVapes carries both varieties of these tanks. If you like tank-killing e-liquids, you should probably pick some up.

pyrex dct endcap

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