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Quick e-Liquid Review: Bubble Chill by Honest Vapor

This guest review comes to us courtesy of Danger Girl. If you would like to see your name up here, why not give me a shout?

I was fortunate to pick up a sample bottle of Bubble Chill from HonestVapor during VapeBash and went through this bottle rather quickly.

honest vapor e-liquid review logoSince then I eagerly awaited their site going live so I could purchase this flavor in a much larger amount. For me and my taste pallet, Bubble Chill is a perfect blending of “pink” bubble gum and menthol. I say “pink” bubble gum because it reminds me of the pink bubble gum I would chew on as a kid and while I was never a huge menthol person the level of menthol in this juice is just right. It has a crisp clean and cool taste about it.

The menthol is an undertone which is very important to me. I dislike being hit over the head with a huge menthol flavor which sometimes leaves an aftertaste. I have no weird after taste with this flavor at all.

I have tried gum flavored vapes in the past and they just didn’t do it for me.

One of my favorite things about vaping is getting that throat hit with my juice and Bubble Chill doesn’t disappoint!

I enjoy vaping Bubble Chill after lunch and through out the day as it gives me a nice little pick me up. The name is a perfect summary for this juice as you get a refreshing bubble gum vape, without the dreaded lingering aftertaste.

So to wrap this up into something simple,  if you enjoy a fresh cool bubble gum them I highly recommend trying this juice.

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Product Reviews: Bubble Chill
Available Sizes: 10ml, 20ml
Price: $7.99 – 13.99
Nicotine Levels: 12, 18, 24mg/ml
PG/VG Ratio: Not listed

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