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Quick Look: DCT Filling Tool Makes Carto Tank Filling a Snap

I love cartomizer tanks.  While I’m also a fan of the next generation clearomizers like the Bauway CE4, I keep going back to tanks with either single or dual coil cartomizers. Tanks are great, but filling them can be a bit tricky.  MadVapes sells a stainless steel DCT filling tool that aims to take the hassle out of filling up your tanks.

DCT Filling tool title image

The idea is fairly simple.  The DCT filling tool acts a lot like a funnel.  It has a wide top for adding your e-liquid and fits on the cartomizer portion of the tank.  The body of the tube is hollow with two holes near the bottom to allow e-liquid to flow into the tank.

The very bottom of the filler is solid and has a gasket.  It fits onto the cartomizer like a drip tip, sealing the opening.

DCT filling tool use for easy carto tank fillingUsing the tool is pretty straight forward.  Remove the drip tip from your cartomizer tank and pop the DCT filling tool on in the tip’s place.  Then, slide the tank up along the cartomizer and on to the tank filling tool.

Once it hits the top of the funnel, the tank will stop sliding and you now have the two holes at the bottom of the filler inside the cartomizer tank while the tank is still sealed.

Simply pour your e-liquid into the top of the funnel to fill the tank up.  For best results, I suggest holding the tank at an angle and fill slowly and steadily.  Leaving everything upright may result in e-liquid pooling in the funnel top and leaking out.

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It may take a little practice to get the pouring technique down, but once you do it’s a pretty simple process. Once the tank is filled, just slide the tank back down the cartomizer and pull out the tank filling adapter.

There is one other flaw in the design.  If you fill the tank past the holes in the DCT filler, when you push the tank back down, some e-liquid will be trapped in the holes at the bottom. This e-liquid will then end up running out of the tool.

The amount of liquid is fairly small, maybe a few drops.  It’s a good idea to keep a paper towel handy, or, hold everything horizontally over a sink when reseating the tank and removing the tool so excess liquid doesn’t go all over the place.

Despite that one flaw, I found this tool easier to deal with than wedge filling tools like the Siam Mods adapter.  The Siam version for the most part still requires a syringe for filling, and I have a hard time pulling it back out of the cartomizer.  However, the Siam tip has the added feature of making it super easy to insert cartomizers into tanks, so there’s that.

If you are a tank user and want to make things easier on yourself, go to MadVapes and spend the 3 bucks to pick one of these up.


Steve K

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  • berniethemac/V.Cat

    (10/03/12 - 10:47 am)

    I got one hoping this would make it easier. Unfortunately i find it harder.#1 first you have to find it. #2 Unless you go super slow it just fills up the funnel and will not drain into the tank as it creates a vacumn. #3 after you have dripped it on your table or yourself then you have to wash it and hope you remember where did i put that. for the next time. #4 I honestly gave it several try's and found it was easier to just tilt and fill the old way.I do not write with finess as Steve K does but you get the point. THUMBS DOWN for this device.

    • It's a little tricky getting the liquid to flow. I found tilting the thing in a way where one of the holes doesn't have liquid in it works best. It may be trickier with thicker e-liquids. I'm going to put out a video later tonight that shows filling it. Even so, there's always a little bit of liquid that gets trapped in the holes when you pull the filler out of the tank.

  • Hi Steve: Nothing to do with your review, just some comments on the ClearMax from MV that I received in the mail today. Haven't had time to do any serious testing but it seems to perform well and I like the feel of it a little better than the VMax. It's larger in diameter by about 1/8" and longer by 3/8" and lighter by about 1/2oz. The build quality appears to be tidy and durable but time will tell.

    The first carto I installed was a Vivi Nova and the threads seemed like they could be a problem so I put a short 510 extension on it to protect the PVs threads, something that is a pretty good idea for most APVs IMO.

    Will get back to you after I've done some testing for volt settings and amp limit.


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