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I am a big fan of drip tips.  I only drip occasionally, but I pretty much use a drip tip on cartomizers or anything else.  For me, I simply prefer the feel of a drip tip over a bare cartomizer when I’m vaping.

The tips come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.  There are a variety of materials, the most common being metal (aluminum or chrome plated) and derlin (a hard nylon).  Other materials are also less commonly like blown Pyrex glass.

Glass drip tips can be quite pretty and do a good job at keeping things cool but they can be very expensive.  Sterling Vapor sent me a sample of a new type of drip tip made out of ceramic.  Ceramic drip tips are very cost effective as compared to glass drip tips.

So why glass or ceramic as opposed to metal or plastic to begin with?  Heat.  Some cartomizers get hot, the triple coil cartomizer when run at higher voltages is like a little furnace.  Aluminum tips transfer the heat so they are uncomfortable on some cartomizers.  Derlin does better at keeping the heat away but can still heat up quite a bit.

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The ceramic tip on the other hand, while it still heated up noticeably, stayed much cooler than the derlin tips.  On more sane cartomizers like the Resurrector single coil cartomizer, the ceramic drip tip does a great job at keeping its cool.

As of right now the ceramic drip tips are fairly new to the market, so not a whole options exist.  The most common ones I’ve seen are only available in white and have that same classic hourglass shape that is found in the aluminum tips.  Another plus is that the ceramic versions cost about the same as the aluminum tips.

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The final thing a ceramic tip may be useful for is flavor.  While I personally don’t run into this a lot, some people notice a plastic or metallic taste from regular drip tips.  Ceramic should be a little more neutral so this may be a good option if you pick up on those odd flavorings.

While ceramic drip tips aren’t quite as pretty as some of the glass options out there, they probably have a place in the collections compulsive drip tip users like me.  The tips are inexpensive and do a good job of keeping away heat and odd flavors.

Product: Ceramic Drip Tip
Buy it from: Sterling Vapor
Price: $3.99
Fits: 510/901/808/RN4081

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