Raffle for We Are Vapers

Gary with the Vancouver Vapers Club sent me an e-mail to announce a special fundraiser they are doing for the documentary We Are Vapers. Basically, they are doing a raffle where the prize is ANY mod you want.  So get those imaginations working while you read the announcement from the VVC.

The Vancouver Vapers Club did very well at our Vapemeet on Sunday raising money to help get the “We Are Vapers” Documentary movie made.

THANK YOU to everyone who came out and donated to our effort!

But they’re not done yet, so we’re not done yet!

 The film has raised over $15,000 so far, entirely through the donations of vapers and vendors through their online campaign at 



But…we have until Saturday at 11:59pm

to meet the goal of $20,000


So.…to substantially  add to the amount of money raised, we’re gonna have


Drum   Roll   Please





What’s on YOUR wish list…


a Provari? Provari Mini? a Darwin? a GG? an Epipe?

a Custom made wood mod?

You win – you tell me what you want –

it’ll be delivered to your front door!


To keep it simple here’s how it’ll work…

Tickets $10 each, or 3 for $25

  1. Just send me an email with your name and # of tickets, and send the appropriate amount via paypal to me at gadelson@shaw.ca I’ll put names into a box when payment is sent, and just like we do at Vapemeets, we’ll do a Drawing on Saturday, March 31st at 10pm!

Fellow Vapers, I know many of us have donated already, but let’s each find another $10 for a cause of SUCH  timely importance to us!


Gary (aka Motivaper)

A disclosure: I am basically passing this information along because I think it would be of interest to my readers.  If anyone enters the raffle, this will be an agreement between the VVC and the individual.  I cannot become involved should anything go awry.  For details on any conditions to entry, contact Gary at the email address above. I have no affiliation with the VVC or We Are Vapers

Steve K

Hello and welcome to Steve K


  • I offered my help, but had no follow up on it. Perhaps because I work for a commercial site?

    • To the VVC for their raffle, or We Are Vapers? We Are Vapers has plenty of commercial sponsors and the like.

    • Hey James,

      Please put the word out in anyway you see fit – it's too important and there are only a couple of days to reach the goal!

      Thank you!


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