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And now for something completely different. I have a couple of interesting cartomizer tank accessories lying around from MadVapes. The problem is they are so simple, I can’t really churn out a review of any size for either product.  So why not review them both at the same time?  Sure, it’s a little incongruent and all, but both products are designed for tanks and can be used at the same time, so why not?  Here’s my review of the tank filling drip tip and the e-cigarette carto tank airflow controller.

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Product Name Chrome DCT Refilling Drip Tip (also in black)
Price  $2.99
Compatibility 510/808/901

DCT Filler Tip Review

This drip tip isn’t much unlike any other drip tip except for its size and shape. The refilling drip tip is longer than most tips and tapers to a thin stem at the halfway point.  The top of the drip tip has a sort of flanged edge.

Filler tip in useThe name gives away the second function of this drip tip, which also explains the funky design. It can be used to fill a carto tank like the Smoktech DCT without using a syringe or a special filling accessory.

Operation is pretty simple, Just hold the tank and slide it up and over the drip tip.  The wide part at the top will stop the tank from coming completely off the cartomizer. Once its in place, just move the tip as far off to the side as you can and carefully drip e-liquid from the bottle.  A needle tip bottle may make filling easier, but it’s not a must if you are careful. When done, just slide the tank back into place.

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Have a paper towel handy when performing that last step. As the tip is pushed out of the tank, some e-liquid can pool where the taper begins. This forces a small amount of liquid out along with the tip.  It’s not a huge amount, but it is somewhat annoying.

While there may be neater ways to fill a tank, this drip tip comes in handy when you aren’t around your normal assortment of gear and accessories. Honestly, I also like it as a drip tip as well.  It has a good feel to it and I think the narrow opening helps with airflow just a little.

Speaking of airflow, it’s time to move on to the second part of our double feature.

Product Name Tank Airflow Controller
Price $2.99
Threading 510

Airflow Controller Review

This product sort of looks like a 510-510 adapter with a washer around it.  That disk is actually two pieces, the top 1/3 screws into the bottom half. To use the airflow controller, just put it in line between your e-cigarette and tank, then tighten or loosen the top part of that disk to increase or decrease the amount of air that gets to the tank from the battery connector.

This accessory seems to work best on large devices. If you’re sporting an eGo, there’s also an eGo airflow controller.

You might be wondering why this is even a thing.  Some tanks and cartomizers in general tend to vary in the amount of air flow they allow.  Some have a draw that is too “airy” meaning a lot of air can travel through the vents. This leads to a puff that doesn’t have a lot of vapor. Decreasing the airflow slightly can often improve the performance.

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tank airflow controller imageOf course, you can have too “tight” a draw as well, this device can’t help with that since the only way to improve a tight draw is to enlarge the air vents.

Depending on the tank, the airflow controller can adjust from wide open to completely closed.  With some tanks, there’s a little less control but it can still stiffen the draw considerably. However, certain tanks like the Vivi Nova have an air vent on the side of the bottom cap, this adapter won’t work at all on those because it restricts air getting to the bottom of the tank.

The only real hitch I ran into with this thing is the top half of the disk had a habit of tightening as I tightened the tank on the adapter.  I eventually figured out the best method to use this thing is to loosen the top disk almost all the way (not too much, it will come off) then attach the tank before placing it on the personal vaporizer.  Hold both parts of the adjustment disk while attaching the device to keep the top part from spinning.  Once everything is connected, adjust the top part to the desired airflow levels.

This is the sort of product that doesn’t necessarily appeal to everyone.  However, if you are someone who needs it, the tank airflow controller can be incredibly useful.

In fact, both of these devices are what I would call situational.  But, at 3 bucks each, it probably wouldn’t hurt to toss them in with your next order.


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