Rogue Vaping has a Nifty e-Cigarette Kit

Rogue Vaping is a small operation that has a thing for pass-through e-cigarettes.  Most of the models are eGo style, but recently they’ve added something called the Nifty e-Cigarette.  The Nifty is a little different. It’s a wide, flat e-cigarette with a matching clearomizer. Read the rest of this review to see if this thing really is nifty.

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rogue vaping nifty review card image1 Product name The Nifty Kit
Available from  Rogue Vaping
Price  $55
Threading Proprietary
Who’s it for? New users and experienced vapers looking for a simple and easy to handle kit

What’s in the Box

 1  Battery rogue vaping nifty e-cigarette kit contents
 1  Clearomizer
 1  Bottle e-liquid
 1  charging cable
 1 zippered carry case

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Nifty e-Cigarette Design

You know how most e-cigarettes are round?  The Nifty isn’t.

Nifty connector imageIt’s as if you took an eGo style e-cigarette and smashed it down until it had more of an oblong shape.  If you’ve been vaping long enough to remember the Elips, it is pretty much the same design.

The Nifty houses a 700mAh battery and is roughly about as tall as a regular eGo. It’s much thinner thanks to the unusual shape.  The thin design makes this device really easy to stick in a pocket and forget.

Going to a not round shape does mean a few things are going to be different.  Take the battery connector, for example. It’s completely unique to this device because nothing screws on to it.  Instead there are a couple of pins recessed in the top of the battery on which the clearomizer is connected.

While it means you’re stuck with the clearomizers made for this thing, it is a very simple design to deal with.  You just push your clearomizer in place.

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A little below the odd connector is the recessed fire button.  The button is concave and backlit with a blue LED. The resulting combination makes for a button that is very comfortable and well-placed for thumb activation, but very difficult to fire off accidentally.

At the end of the battery is the port for the USB charging cable. Unfortunately, the port is not any sort of USB standard like Android micro. Instead it’s a mini plug like old Nokia phones used.  There’s another small pinhole next to the centered charging port for a red LED. This LED is the charging indicator and glows red when the device is charging.

As much as I’d have liked to see a micro USB, this is a small device, so I’m not entirely sure such a connector could be placed on the end of the battery without something breaking.  At least this device features pass-through charging so you can use it even while it’s being charged up.

Nifty ecig review connectorSo far, the battery is exactly like the old Elips which never really caught on due to issues with the tank atomizer system.  The Nifty e-cigarette uses a more conventional approach and uses the clearomizer.

The clearomizer is the same shape as the battery, providing a uniform look to the device. The clearomizer is an oval tube with caps on either end for the connector and mouthpiece. Inside the tube is a smaller (and round) tube that houses a wick and coil assembly similar to the CE2. There are no external wicks, however.

Wicking happens through two small holes in the center tube through which liquid flows into the concealed wicks.  Air is delivered to this assembly via two small holes on either side of the bottom cap.

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The bottom cap also houses the mate to the Nifty’s battery connection: two ports that line up with the plug inside the battery. The body of the Nifty’s clearo is clear plastic. Flimsy clear plastic.

I can’t help but feel like it would be easy to crack this tank. Fortunately, a considerable amount of rigidity is added to the clearomizer when the top cap is installed.  That top cap features the mouthpiece as well as a silicone gasket. The gasket seals both the outside of the Nifty’s clear as well as fitting atop the internal tube to seal that assembly from e-liquid intrusion.

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