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Using the Nifty e-Cigarette

The Nifty e-cigarette is certainly easy to use for the most part.  For starters, the old design I keep mentioning was a leaker.  That thing leaked like no other.  This new clearomizer design is solid, there are no leaking problems I ran into.

About the only negative I can say about the design is the fit is tight for both the gasket and the battery connector section. At least that means things will stay put. I’m still a little weary about putting the Nifty in my pants pocket between the thin material on the tank and the top cap. The top cap seems like it might be fairly easy to knock loose in a pocket.

Nifty e-cig review clearomizerAlso in the use department is battery life.  While 700mAh isn’t exactly massive, it’s certainly good enough to last at least a couple hours of solid use.  Lighter vapers can doubtlessly get several hours out of this device.  It’s a shame there’s not a two battery kit offering.

Moving along to the performance section, we have a pretty interesting story. The Rogue Vaping website mentioned heavy users might need to block the air holes on occasion to help the clearomizer wick. This did not give me a lot of confidence in the performance potential of the Nifty e-cigarette.

The reality of using the device was considerably better.  I found I had to use that trick once or twice as the clearomizer was near empty. Otherwise, it had not trouble keeping up with my regular (some might say frantic) rate of vaping.

Even when I did have to help wicking, it never really burnt on me.  There was simply a decrease in vapor production and a loss of flavor. That may just be because this doesn’t seem to be putting out an awful lot of power.

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I wouldn’t call this device a performance juggernaut or anything, but it worked surprisingly well. Thanks to the top coil design, the resulting vapor was warm and plentiful.  I also got a surprising amount of flavor out of this setup. That’s something I hadn’t expected.

You’re not going to replace your advanced personal vaporizer with this thing. But, if you just want something small and simple, or if you’re relatively new to the game I could think of worse choices to make.

Too Long; Didn’t Read

nifty electronic cigarette tldr

The Nifty e-Cigarette is pretty… nifty.  It’s sort of like a squashed eGo with a clearomizer that is a sort of tank-CE2 hybrid. The results are a device that is very comfortable to hold and cart around with better performance than you’d expect from a simple e-cigarette.  You can check these out at Rogue Vaping.


  • Very easy to hold and use design
  • Easy to fill
  • Surprising performance
  • Pass-through charging


  • Proprietary charging port
  • Proprietary cartomizer connection
  • Flimsy tank material

Disclosure: I received this product from Rogue Vaping for review. This review features affiliate links.

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