Ron Reviews: Castle Black from Apocalypse Juice

With this review, I offer you what could be one of the very best Tobacco E-Liquids available to the vaping community.

Castle Black by Apocalypse Juice 

Here is the description of this remarkable flavor from the website….

“This is a deep rich Bourbon & Classic Tobacco blend for the e juice connoisseur. This is a very full bodied vape with a heavy dark flavor to it. It is like vaping a Guinness in comparison that it is dark, robust and earthy”

This remarkable flavor was provided to at no charge for the purpose of review (thank you Tony!).

First Impressions…

Castle BlackMy order was promptly shipped in small cardboard box filled with packing peanuts as well as an Apocalypse sticker.. The bottle itself was a well filled 30ml glass bottle fitted with an eyedropper as well as a childproof cap. The bottles are clearly marked with the Apocalypse logo, name of the flavor, mix ratio and mg of nic and date of manufacture as well as a scannable QR code for easy reordering. The bottle was also sealed in a ziplock baggie.

The liquid inside the bottle is clear with just the faintest tinge of yellow and the scent of the liquid itself brings back memories the old higher end tobacco shops when you walk into the humidor where they keep their finest cigars and tobaccos. Very seductive and I had to give it a try at once.

Now for the actual test…

Since I forgot to specify, the E-Liquid I received was the standard 50/50 mix of PG/VG with 12 mg of nicotine. For this review I am using a Kayfun Light clone with a 6/7 wrap coil of 32 gauge Kanthal with a resistance reading of 1.7 ohms and a fresh wick.

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Once the wick has had a chance to fully saturate I start vaping at 9 watts and I work my way up the scale until I happily settle in at 14.5 watts.

The can best be described as a well aged pipe tobacco laced with a generous amount of Bourbon. Exceptionally full flavored with excellent throat hit and great vapor production as well. It seems like the flavor is gently coating my tongue and has a nicely sweet exhale for the finish. The vapor itself does indeed have a gently sweet tobacco odor to it which adds to the experience.

A week later…

Nothing has really changed except the flavors seem to have blended and mellowed even more and I am now vaping at 15 watts and now I seem to be getting the slightest hint of a caramel note which adds to the complexity of this flavor. And adds to my enjoyment as well. Throat hit is just were I like it as well as vapor production. As a side note, I took a Kanger ProTank filled with Castle Black and a spare mod to a friend who has been smoking a pipe for over 30 years that I have been trying to convert to vaping. As a friend he humored me and gave it a try. He looked at me with a note of surprise and simply said “This taste just like Pipe Tobacco!” He was still happily vaping this mixture when I left and had not so much looked at his pipe for hours.


Prices are $17.99 for a 30ml bottle and $30.99 for a 60ml bottle. Sample packs of three, 10ml bottles are also available for $15.99. Standard USPS shipping charges apply. The standard PG/VG ratio is 50/50 but if you wish something different, just include your request in the comment section when you are checking out and they will take care of you. NIcotine levels offered are 0,3,6,12,18 or 24mg.

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As you know, I like to get to know the people behind the product.

Here is what Tony had to say:

You asked me how I got to the point I am at and I really don’t know what to say. It was never in my plans and I just enjoyed DIY and mixing for friends. Vaping slowly grew among a small minority of us and everyone had me make their juice lol. I made a lot of horrible juice but I had some good helpers for sure. It grew from that point on really and was told for awhile I should open my own shop. So I did just so that so it would make ordering from my once small group of friends to a rather larger one much easier for them. Now I just want to give back to a community that has helped me. If people enjoy my juices I take great satisfaction in that. There are so many great juice mixers out there its really like an art form. Especially the large differences of interpretation of flavors. I think its so cool and always exciting to get turned onto a flavor that I really end up enjoying. I’m just having fun and hopefully some can enjoy my creations as I have had enjoyed many others.

If you are a fan of tobacco E-Liquids, you really should consider at the bare minimum getting a sample pack from Apocalypse and trying this flavor. The only down side to it is common to most tobacco E-Liquids as it will gunk up your coils fairly quickly. While this will not be an all day vape for me it most definitely has a earned a spot in my E-Liquid rotation.

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Until Next Time.

Be Well, Vape Well!