Ron Reviews Hardware: Kayfun Lite (Clone)

Editor’s note: While this product was provided to Ron at no charge by the vendor, it was not originally intended for review purposes. I’ve added affiliate links, Ron had nothing to do with that either.

It seems that there are more and more companies these days offering clones of the most popular vaping hardware in today’s vaping marketplace.

Kayfun Lite from Angelcigs Review

Traditional these clones are manufactured in China and are then distributed to companies here in the United States to be sold to us vapers via the internet or through brick and mortar establishment.
And within the past 6 months or so. many of these items both clones and origional have become available for purchase from companies mostly in China at deep discounts but they could take a month or more (if ever)to arrive at your mailbox after you have placed your order.
Not long ago, one of these companies, Angelcigs  took the initiative to actually open a warehouse in the United States and located in California where you could purchase these items and have them shipped to your door in a matter of days.
In this case, a clone of the Kayfun Lite one of the most popular RBAs on the market today and the one that I am reviewing here for your consideration is currently available for $19.99 including S&H ( on orders of over $15)with tracking number for arrival via USPS within 7 days after you place your order if it is in stock in their California warehouse.  If you order from their China inventory, it can take from 2 to three weeks.  My order I received in 3 days.
The item arrived nicely packaged and with plenty of spare parts including the clear plastic tank section, extra o-rings, screws, silica wick,filling bottle as well as the mandatory (yet very useful) little key-chain screwdriver.  I was rather surprised to find a well written instruction manual as well.  With pictures.
A common complaint about a lot of these item coming from China is that the machining is not very good and that they are covered in machine oil, heavy grease or a combination of both.
The unit I received did not seem to have any trace of these materials on it at all.  And the machining on it seemed to me to be even better than on the one I have that was manufactured by EHPRO which, by the way, is very well made.
Even though it did not seem to have any excess oil or grease on it, I still washed and rinsed all the components before installing my wick and coil assembly on the deck of the RBA.  No problems.
I buttoned the whole thing up, filled it and started to vape.  The liquid channels worked perfectly and delivered the liquid to the wick as they should.  Not a single leak and the draw is right where I like it, not too tight and not too airy.  Perfect for me.
Since I have received this device from them, I have received a couple of other items that I will review in the near future.  And while I have had no issues that needed service under warranty, they do indeed advertise a decent DOA and warranty period on their website as well as a selection of product that seems to grow daily.
IMHO, they are worth considering.