Ron Reviews Hardware: Vapor Shark DNA 20 Mod

Vapor Shark DNA 20 Display view

The following review has been penned by Ron. Please enjoy his first foray outside of e-liquid reviews for Steve K’s Vaping World – SK

The vaping world is rapidly changing especially when it comes to variable wattage mods that are using more powerful chipsets.

In particular mods powered by the Evolv DNA 20 chipset that in the past were only available to folks that had the skills to build their own mods or to those willing to pay a premium price to have a mod of this nature custom built for them.

Many of these mods in addition to being expensive ($200 to $500) were on the large side and in many instances built into plastic enclosures or heavy metal boxes or the traditional tube enclosures.

But the times “they are a changing” and I am pleased to review for you one of the first new generation of DNA 20 powered mods available to the masses, the VaporShark DNA 20 mod from Vapor Shark

This APV was provided to me by the fine folks of Vaporshark (Thank you Kinwo!) at no charge for the purpose of review.

The price of the mod is $169.99 and it is shipped in a sturdy clear plastic case that includes the micro USB charging cable as well as easy to read and understand instructions printed on the packing material. And further protected by a padded shipping bag as well.

The Shark DNA 20 is shipped with near a full charge on its internal and non user serviceable 1,200 mAh Li-Po battery) so it is ready to go once you have removed it from the case and attach whatever atomizer you are using to the native 510 connector. For the purpose of this review I am using the Vaporshark Glass BCC clearomizer which I will talk about in a future review.
VS DNA20 BestThe first thing I noticed is just how small this thing is compared to my other mods. The dimensions are 2.9″ X 1.4″ X 0.7″ just about the perfect size to fit into my shirt pocket. Just to give you something to help you visualize the size I went and purchased a package of Tic Tac’s for a side by side comparison. You can’t really see it in the picture, but the thickness of each is about the same!

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The next thing I noticed was the very high quality feel of the build as well as the weight (4.5 oz) for the small size as after all it is manufactured out of a Cast Zinc-Aluminum Alloy. The layout of the controls and the bright OLED display are well laid out and to my mind intuitive. Took me all of 30 seconds to figure out what was what and where.

The display is on the bottom of the unit and has a raised bezel surrounding the display so you have no problems with setting it upright on a flat surface and subjecting the lens itself to anything abrasive. The plastic powerswitch which lights up (bright blue) when activated is at the top of the unit immediately under the 510 connector and just seems to be the most logical and comfortable place for it to be.

The +/- power Up/Down buttons are plainly marked and easy to feel so you can easily adjust them even if you are not looking and while not stiff they are most certainly not loose and I can easily and comfortably hold the device to adjust the wattage while being able to see the bright and legible display which plainly tells you how much battery life you have left, the resistance in ohms of your coil when last used, the voltage being supplied to the coil your particular resistance level and your current wattage level which ranges from 7 to a full 20watts in .1w increments with a maximum power output of 6 amps.

As I have said, the device is extremely comfortable to hold and operate one handed. To illustrate, here is a photo of me holding the device in my right hand. My index finger is on the power switch and my middle finger is resting on the +/power Up button with the display facing me.

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VS DNA 20 Hand

As you can see in the above photo, I am right handed. But you lefties are covered as well!

You simply flip the display for left hand use per the instructions that you can find here.

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