Ron Reviews: Highbrow Vapor’s Cheesecake Tort

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As always I am on a search for great E-Liquid and the perfect vape. And I have found a strong contender with this offering!

Cheesecake Tort from Highbrow Vapor 

First Impressions.

When I was talking to Bryan at Highbrow about the samples he was supplying at his own expense for this review (Thank you Bryan) I asked him for suggestions on which products were his favorite and best represented the E-Liquid they produce. This was the first he recommended.

The description from their website is as follows:

Cheesecake has been a fixture since the era of the Ancient Greeks, and for good reason – it is amazing. Fast forward a few thousand years and its delicious flavor has remained a staple of dessert lovers. Our version of this timeless flavor is distinctively rich, sweet and filled with cream cheese flavor notes. A subtle, fresh and sweet inhale awaits with a pronounced cream cheese exhale that will leave you wanting more. This flavor can be combined with others on our eLiquid menu to more suit your personal preferences.

The order shipped promptly per the shipping schedule as posted on their website.

Shipping schedule (Sunday thru Monday, revolving)

Orders placed on Sunday – Ship Tuesday

Orders placed on Monday – Ship Wednesday

Orders placed on Tuesday – Ship Wednesday

Orders placed on Wednesday – Ship next day Thursday

Orders placed on Thursday – Ship the following Monday

Orders placed on Friday – Ship the following Monday

Orders placed on Saturday – Ship the following Tuesday

Packaging was well done, padded envelope, ample bubble wrap with a surprise inside.

Price is $7.50 per 10ml bottle and $15 for a well filled 30ml bottle.

S&H charges
Highbrow PackageUSPS flat rate small box priority mail $5.60 I believe and orders over $50 qualify for free S&H

The four 30ml bottles (you will have to read more of my reviews before you find out what the other three are) were also wrapped in a plain, brown paper package tied together with a bit of ribbon.

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Quite Victorian, Quite Highbrow, Quite me.

The next thing I noticed is there was absolutely no E-Liquid scent coming from the shipping container which I thought a bit strange until I opened the bottle, a well filled bottle I might add. Right up to the top. 30ml +.

Very well sealed. I do not know what the term for it is but the kind of seal you might find on a bottle of cough syrup that you break the first time you open it.

The liquid inside was a clear amber color and when I went for the “sniff” test, it smelled just like cheesecake! I even asked my wife to give it a sniff without her knowing the flavor and she was able to identify it as well as Cheesecake. We both know cheesecake quit well. It is my favorite desert. She makes it and I eat it with sincere gratitude.

Now on to the actual test.

Highbrow allows you to customize your flavors. Ask and you shall receive. And as usual, I received a 60/40 mix with 18mg of nicotine.

highbrow vapor cheesecake e-liquidI filled a clean Kanger T-2 clearomizer with at fresh coil head reading a 2.2 ohms and fixed it the business end of an Apollo 18650 V-Tube and started in on it at 3.4v working upwards to 4.2v.

Since this was only a week old at this point, I ended up at 3.7v just to spare you a long story

The first thing I noticed with the inhale, a very pronounced graham cracker crust flavor.

On exhale, this is where it started to get interesting. Very interesting indeed.

I was getting the actual cream cheese flavor along with very subtle vanilla notes. Very rich and full-bodied but not overly sweet. Just like my favorite dessert is supposed to taste.

Great vapor production but not as much throat hit as I usually get with a 60/40 mix. But still perfectly acceptable when you consider the flavor. And this can be modified with my next order

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A week later.

Throat hit and vapor production are the same.

Flavors have measurably matured and this time I settle in quite nicely at a solid 4.0v.

The graham cracker crust flavor seems to have some butter notes at this point. The cream cheese flavor is even more pronounced as is the vanilla. The vanilla even gets more of a recognition when I exhale though my nose.

As a natural-born cheesecake lover would I order this? Definitely! And this is more than worthy of you consideration as well if you are into the “bakery” flavors as well as cheesecake.

A bit about Highbrow Vapor.

Apparently, word has spread about the excellent product that Highbrow consistently delivers to their customers and as a result of their success they are moving into a new production facility to better serve us, the vaper.

Just a little FYI about my review process, when I review an E-Liquid maker, I like to go the extra mile to get to know them personally and many emails get exchanged.

This place really cares about what they are making and you can see the relevant information about the ingredients they use when you visit their home page.

Remember I talked about customization and throat hit? And I asked Bryan about it and this is what I received from him as an answer. It not only answered my question but gave me further insight into the way Highbrow operates.

We work with a lot of ingredients. Some of these ingredients mask TH a bit more than others so by substituting them with ones that do not we can eek out just a bit more TH while still maintaining the integrity of the liquid. I think at best if you break this into percentages such a thing would only account for about 5% of total TH of the experience with the other two important factors being Wattage and Nic level. That being said, a great many customers have not progressed to VV or have knowledge of LR carts and other such TH boosting hardware. This is our very little way of helping out while not boosting the nicotine level. Along these lines when you get to know your ingredients they almost become inanimate little cohorts which do things you want if used in just the right amount. It is fun.

Making juices by hand per order is almost zen-like for me. While there is no way I could possibly do all of the legwork involved at this point like wrapping the items and shipping them my mistress is the mixing table. It helps me concentrate on a task and there is more heart behind the finished product I like to think. I would almost call it a form of self-mutilation as my poor hands can attest. Ultimately I think a better product arrives at our customers mailbox and we feel better about it which is just as relevant. Regardless whether or not a customer loves it or hates it we put our soul into making it.

And from the taste of the Cheesecake Tort that I am happily vaping right now at 4.0v, I am almost willing to admit I taste a little of Bryan’s “soul” in it!

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Vape Well My Friends!

Back in two weeks.


Disclosure: Ron received this e-liquid from Highbrow Vapor for review purposes. Highbrow Vapor is an advertiser on this site.

All opinions expressed in this review are that of the author exclusively.

Special thanks to Tuc at for permission to use images from his review of Cheesecake Tort.


  • Kinda funny that some of these photos seem to be EXACTLY like the ones I took for my review @

    • Uh oh. Ron got them direct from Highbrow, I believe. I'll hit you up offline.

    • Except for the photo that I took myself of the neat little brown paper package tied with a bit of ribbon, the photo’s were supplied to me by Highbrow Vapor.

      If I infringed on your work by using the photo’s supplied to me by Highbrow, I most sincerely apologize to you.

      • It was just a misunderstanding, no harm no foul. I remember Tuc and I got the same wood mods at around the same time :) I gotta tell ya, Tuc took some pictures there.

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