Ron Reviews: Hot Nutz by Bulk E-Juice

For this review I am offering my thoughts on a E-Liquid flavor that I have never heard of any E-Liquid maker even offering as the flavor combination may sound quite bizarre at the minimum!

That being said I offer for your consideration:

Hot Nutz from Bulk E-Juice

hot nutzThis is the one of their signature series that they have provided to me for review (thank you Misty!) This, to put it mildly, a very distinct, yet flavorful E-Liquid is described on their website as:

“This is a perfect blend of Cinnamon Red Hots and Peanuts for those of you who have tried this combo”

My order arrived on a very timely basis (48 hours) packed in a padded envelope with the bottle further protected by bubble wrap.

The 30ml bottle was very well filled and well marked with the PG/VG ratio and nicotine level. Unless you specify, the standard PG/VG ratio is 50/50 but they will cheerfully mix according to your wishes including nicotine levels of 0,6,12.18 or 24mg. Sample sizes are all 50/50 with your choice of nicotine level. I will get back to the sample sizes later on.

As usual, I requested and received my customary 60/40 mix with 18mg of Nicotine

First Impressions

The liquid in the bottle is an almost clear yellowish color. When shaken, no air bubbles present themselves. Just an observation that I make to test in a most unscientific way the PG/VG mix.

Now I move on to the sniff testing. And I have no idea as what to expect with something called “Hot Nutz”

Smells like cinnamon and nothing else. Not a surprise as cinnamon is an aromatic spice and is prone to overpower both the taste and smell of an E-Liquid.

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Now on to the actual test.

Protank TitleSince Bulk E-Juice has proclaimed on their webs that this is a known “Tank Cracker” I fill my Kanger Pro-Tank with a 2.5 ohm Evod head and affix it to my trusty Vamo V2.

As usual (and predictable) I start out at 3.4 volts and work my way up.

I am kind of surprised that even at 3.4v it has a presence! That aside, I walk my way up to 3.8 volts and decide that I have found my “happy place” and need go no further. Not unless I want to risk sensory overload. Yes the flavor is strong.

On inhale, what I received was a really, really great and creamy peanut butter taste. And then the burn comes! And the almost excessive throat hit which I like, so no harm no foul!. Plenty of vapor production as well. And on exhale, just a bit of sweetness?

My nose has already told me that there is cinnamon in the mix but I am just getting the heat. And loving it!

And a week passes…

I am still at 3.8v. The throat hit and vapor production are still impressive. But what a difference the time to steep has made!

I am now getting a more pronounced cinnamon flavor to blend with the rich and creamy peanut butter flavor and it is quite welcome indeed!.

Granted that this is one of the strangest sounding flavors that has ever been offered to me for the purpose of review, it has made its way into my rotation.

Before I forget, as an introductory offer, this flavor has a price of $6.25 per 30ml bottle. Instead of $12.99 for the rest of the signature series.

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When I talked to the owner about this particular flavor, I was told that the inspiration was a family thing with her and her father watching football and eating peanuts and the little “Red Hots” candies.

Now a little bit about Bulk E-Juice

They are big advocates of vaping as a healthier alternative to smoking and involved in our vaping community.

bulk e-juice review title imageThey are a family run business that started out making E-Liquids about two years ago and started retailing November 2012 and are based in
Kokomo, Indiana

And while they use the best of ingredients in their creations and mix to order, they offer some of the best customer service I have

Service is quick, product is well packaged (they really like bubble wrap) and you get a USPS tracking number.

Prices are very reasonable for the excellent product you receive.

And of this morning, a total of 136 different flavors to choose from. Visit Bulk E-Juice to view the selection.

Signature series of their liquids are $12.99 per 30ml. Other flavors are $7.75 for 30 ml.

And sometimes they have sales crop up for as little as $5 for a 30ml bottle

They offer a 5 pack of samples for $9.10 The sample sized bottles are marked as 5ml but truth be told they are indeed 6ml samples.
S&H is a $3.00 flat rate and is free for orders over $30.00
Other than samples and 30ml bottles, they offer 4, 8 and 16oz sizes so be sure to check them out for further savings.

Why not pay a visit to Bulk eJuice to see their entire selection.

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I hope that this review has given you some insight on a new E-Liquid that just might be something you would enjoy vaping as much as I have as well as about a E-Liquid supplier worthy of your consideration!

Until next time..

Vape Well and Vape Happy!


Steve K

Hello and welcome to Steve K