Ron Reviews – Peach Thymbra from Highbrow Vapor

If you are a fan of fruit flavored E-Liquids, in this case peach, I just may have found something that will satisfy your cravings!

Peach Thymbra from the good folks at Highbrow Vapor.

highbrow vapor

First Impressions

This flavorful E-Liquid was supplied to me at no cost for the purpose of review by Bryan of Highbrow Vapor (Thank you Bryan) and here is the description of the flavor from the Highbrow website.

Crisp, clean, juicy and savory best describes our natural peach flavor. True peach flavor is often difficult to find in the E liquid world. Often times you get a juice that is too sweet or almost artificial in its aroma and flavor. Our philosophy is simply to use reduction from fresh peaches. A bit of extra work but we think you will find our efforts worthwhile.

The order shipped promptly per the shipping schedule as posted on their website.

Shipping schedule (Sunday thru Monday, revolving)

Orders placed on Sunday – Ship Tuesday

Orders placed on Monday – Ship Wednesday

Orders placed on Tuesday – Ship Wednesday

Orders placed on Wednesday – Ship next day Thursday

Orders placed on Thursday – Ship the following Monday

Orders placed on Friday – Ship the following Monday

Orders placed on Saturday – Ship the following Tuesday

Packaging was well done, padded envelope, ample bubble wrap protecting the liquid inside.

Price is $7.50 per 10ml bottle and $15 for a well filled 30ml bottle.

S&H charges
USPS flat rate small box priority mail $5.60 I believe and orders over $50 qualify for free S&H

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The four 30ml bottles (you will have to read more of my reviews before you find out what the other three are) were also wrapped in a plain, brown paper package tied together with a bit of ribbon.

Quite Victorian, Quite Highbrow, Quite me.

The next thing I noticed is there was absolutely no E-Liquid scent coming from the shipping container which I thought a bit strange until I opened the bottle, a well filled bottle I might add. Right up to the top. 30ml +.

Highbrow Package: Very well sealed. I do not know what the term for it is but the kind of seal you might find on a bottle of cough syrup that you break the first time you open it.

Highbrow PackageOne small note that I will add about the bottles. While they are obviously very high quality, they are a bit on the firm side for my preference and I do have to squeeze it fairly hard to get at the liquid inside. But a small price to pay for a quality E-Liquid.

The liquid inside was, well, a very light and clear peach color.

And when I went for the “sniff” test, it smelled just like a freshly picked peach, A totally natural scent, nothing at all “perfumy” about it!

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