Ron Reviews: Pecan Praline from Big Bang e-Cigs

For this weeks review, I am focusing on a relatively new product from Big Bang E-Cigs, Pecan Praline.

First Impressions

This offering is from their new line of premium organic E-Liquids referred to as “Bomb Sauce”.and was provided to me at no charge for the purpose of review from Big Bang E-Cigs (Thank you Caston!)

While they do not provide a description of this flavor on their website, which would be a bit redundant as the name itself serves as an accurate description.

This is what they do have this to say about the premium organic product they offer.

“Our organic E-Liquid is made with exclusively the finest 100% Organic ingredients, every flavor is true to taste, and was thoroughly tested and tweaked for optimal vapor, flavor and throat feel production. The Organics are arguably the best Organic line of E-Liquid that has hit the market ever!”

All orders are typically packed and shipped within two business days after the order is placed via USPS and the customer is notified of the shipment and a USPS tracking number. A flat rate shipping charge of $5.15 applies and orders over $50 are shipped free of charge.

Prices for the organic line of E-Liquid is $9.99 for a well filled 15ml bottle and they offer 21 organic flavors to choose from.

While they are all 60/40 PG/VG based, you still get to choose 0, 8, 16 or 24 mg of nicotine.

And while I can’t make promises for them, they did indeed deviate and make my samples with 18mg of nic.

My order was shipped promptly and arrived in a standard USPS box along with plentiful supply of packing peanuts. The liquid itself was inside of very well filled dark brown glass 15ml bottles with an eyedropper cap which was sealed with plastic like a small bottle of cough syrup. No problem with light affecting the liquid with this type of bottle. The bottles were each labeled with a very nice and easy to read paper label with the company info, the name of the creations and a little sticker with the nic level noted.

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Now for the actual test

The liquid contained in the bottle is very clear and has what I would describe as a “pinkish” tint to it.

When it came down to the sniff test, it becomes complicated. And I spent more than my usual amount of time sniffing it. The nearest thing that comes to mind is a vaguely and very light medicinal smell. Perhaps the slightest whiff of alcohol to it. And a note of sweetness as well. So as a last resort, I ask my lovely wife to lend her nose to the cause. She told me that it may smell like Cherry. Not sure but that was her best guess. So much for the sniff test!

My preferred mix is 60/40 PG/VG mix with 18 mg of nicotine which I was sent. It turns out that the normal ratio for the organic “Bomb Sauce” is 60/40 to begin with. Not sure if they will customize the mix but in my opinion you can’t go too far wrong with a 60/40 unless you are one of the unlucky few that are allergic to PG and need a 100% VG blend.

So I load up a Kanger Evod with a fresh 2.5 ohm head courtesy of Rick of Vapor Alley who is most kindly supporting my reviews. A sincere thank you good sir! and attach it to my Vamo V2 as normal.

And as usual, I start at around 3.4v and walk my way upwards this time all the way to 4.7 volts before settling in at 4.2v. Just a bit higher than I usually vape at.

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And it does indeed taste like pecan even if it did not smell like it. But you can’t taste smell so I really don’t care.

mail.googleA most definite pecan flavor with the hint of sweetness you would expect from any praline As well as the a bitter, bitter aftertaste that you can expect from many nut based E-Liquids. Walnut and Almond in particular. Simply the nature of the beast.

While vapor production is outstanding, throat hit is just not where I would expect it to be for this mix. Not a game changer for me but worth mentioning.

A Week Later

This time I settle in at 4.5v.

Throat hit and vapor production have remained the same. Still wishing for a just a tad more throat hit but like I said before not a game changer for me.

While the bitter aftertaste is still there, it has notably mellowed out a bit. Quite a bit as the sweetness is now measurably pronounced. Not a lot and certainly not overwhelming the pecan flavor. Just the bitter aspect of it.

A most welcome change! A simple change but most welcome!

And I suspect (can’t prove it just like I could not really get anything from the “Sniff” test) I am suspecting a hint of caramel is where the sweetness is coming from. Possibly maple but I am sticking with my guess that it is caramel.

Now a little bit about Big Bang.

As you know I like to get to know the people behind the scenes.

This is a copy of my response from Caston Adams, C.O.O of Big Bang when I asked him for more info on the company and their values.

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Okay here it goes… Basically we started making our liquid because of how many times we’ve ordered juices from other companies and been either disgusted with the juices themselves, or let down because the quality of the juice was sub-par, and I’ve spent a lot of money on other vendor’s liquids. We scoured resources for top-tier quality american ingredients, and for 9 months we began developing our Bomb Sauce. We are constantly improving our liquids at every aspect you could possibly think of, and we’re always open to criticism, as it is absolutely imperative to grow and remain teachable in order to be successful. All of our liquids are developed in a sterile environment with regulated positive airflow to reduce airborne particulates and other nasty things that would contaminate the liquid making process. More importantly we are enthusiastic about our jobs and try not to take ourselves too seriously, bottom line we have fun with our customers and our business partners because we can!

In addition to a very full line of E-Liquids, Big Bang offers a nice selection of vaping hardware as well. And for reasonable prices.


If you are looking for a nice pecan flavored vape, your may have just found one.

While very flavorful this is one that you might want to consider putting away for a couple of weeks to steep in order to allow it to reach its full potential.

I hope you found this review to be helpful!

See you in a couple of weeks!

Vape like you mean it.