Ron Reviews: Resurrection from Apocalypse Juice

This week, I have something really different to review for your consideration.

Resurrection from Apocalypse Juice

First Impressions

This is a very unique E-Liquid with a flavor profile that I have never heard of any other company offering and was sent to me at no charge for the purpose of this review by Apocalypse Juice (Thank you Tony).

The description from their website is as follows:

“This juice may be responsible for the Zombie Apocalypse itself! This is based off of a popular Anise juice out there but this is our take. It’s a wicked Anise, hot Cinnamon blast and some other goodies to provide the biggest flavor you will ever vape! This is the perfect change-up juice for when you get so used to a flavor that you don’t taste anything. This juice is sure to solve the zombie tongue syndrome and give a shock to your taste buds.”

All orders are shipped from their facility in Lockport, IL within two days of receiving payment VIA USPS first class bulk rate with tracking numbers as stated within their website

resurection bottlePrices are $15 for each 30ml bottle and shipping and handling is included in your purchase price. At this time, no sample sizes are offered. The standard mix ratio is 50/50 in your choice of 0, 6, 12 or 18mg of nicotine. However, if you prefer a different PG/VG mix, just state your requirements in the comment section of the order from and you will be accommodated.

My order was promptly shipped in a standard padded envelope. Inside were well filled glass bottles, inside a plastic Ziploc type bag surrounded by bubble wrap. No signs of leaking and no odor which in my mind means really well seated caps. The bottles themselves were standard glass bottles with a heavy plastic cap.

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And no eye droppers so you are left to your own devices when it comes to transferring the liquid inside to whatever device you are using to turn it into vapor. I thought that this was a little odd and when I asked Tony about it, he told me his priority was to get his E-Liquid made and shipped to fill some really heavy demand and he is looking over his packaging options for the future.

The bottles are clearly marked with the Apocalypse logo, name of the flavor, mix ratio and mg of nic. Also date of manufacture.

And this was a first for me, he has also added a scannable QR code so if you have a friend that likes and wants to try your Apocalypse Juice, they can just scan it with their smart phone and place an order. Pretty clever of them!

The liquid inside is clear bright red color. Cherry red if I had to name it. And when it came time for the “sniff test” it gets a bit interesting. Not like anything I have ever smelled before.

Now I know from the description on the website that it has anise and cinnamon in it as well as other components. And I can kind of make out a bit of both of those scents. But they combine into something else. For want of a better term, perhaps some kind of a herbal elixir. Not overpowering, not unpleasant, just very different.

Now here is the part where I would normally be talking about filling up my Evod with a fresh 2.5ohm head supplied courtesy of Rick at VaporAlley and attaching it to my Vamo.

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Not going to do it with this flavor. I had been hearing some chatter within the vaping community for a while before it was sent to me for review. And from what I have heard, this is not a tank cracker, it is a Tank Killer! I have even heard people state that it melted their Evods.

And then this quote from the Apocalypse website…

WARNING!! This juice is known to crack plastic and contains oil. So be warned and make sure to use a proper carrier device to vape this atomic fluid.

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