Ron Reviews: Resurrection from Apocalypse Juice


Now for the actual test

Normally I use a 60/40 mix of VG/PG. This time I forgot to specifically so I ended up with a 50/50 mix with 18mg of nic.

So I take heed of the warnings and fill up a Kanger Pro Tank with a 2.5ohm Evod head installed, place it on the business end of my Vamo and start at 3.4v and start walking it up the range.

Even at 3.4v this has a real presence! And I take my time gradually increasing the voltage until I manage to make it to 4.2v. Not getting any burnt taste but it is just very, very strong. So I back this one down to 4.0v which is pretty much all I can handle.

The flavor is very hard to describe with this one. Nothing exactly like it to compare to in the real world. I most definitely get the fiery cinnamon flavor combined with the distinctive anise flavor. Not at all sure but I think I may be detecting a citrus component as well. Just an added sharpness to the tip of the tongue so to speak.

Tons and tons of throat hit and a substantial amount of vapor production!

A Week Later

With this E-Liquid, not a lot has changed over the week. Still vaping at 4.0v, plenty of vapor and throat hit. Perhaps what I thought may be a citrus note is a bit more pronounced and perhaps a bit sweeter as well.

Earlier on in this review, I had indicated that I had picked up a lot of chatter about Resurrection.

With some users actually claiming that they had filled some cartomizers that were on their last legs with this elixir and they were, well, Resurrected.

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So of course, I had to test this theory out for myself.

I had an Evod with a 2.5ohm coil in it that I had been using that was on it last legs that I set aside for this little experiment. The vapor production was way down and it was reading at 2.8 ohms (and it had initially tested at 2.5ohms). I removed it from the Evod after testing the vapor production and resistance again (still almost dead at 2.8 ohms) installed it in the Pro Tank with the Resurrection liquid, let it set for about 10 minutes and started vaping it.

Within about 15 minutes of on and off use, the vapor production shot up fairly sharply. Checked the resistance and it was at 2.6ohms. A few minutes later, down to 2.5ohms. And it is still going strong.

This is some powerful stuff people!

While I don’t think this will ever be an all day vape for me, it definitely has a place in my E-Liquid rotation. Especially the next time I have a cold or forget to properly hydrate and develop vapers tongue.

As you know, I like to get to know the people behind the product.

Here is what Tony had to say…….

You asked me how I got to the point I am at and I really don’t know what to say. It was never in my plans and I just enjoyed DIY and mixing for friends. Vaping slowly grew among a small minority of us and everyone had me make their juice lol. I made a lot of horrible juice but I had some good helpers for sure. It grew from that point on really and was told for awhile I should open my own shop. So I did just so that so it would make ordering from my once small group of friends to a rather larger one much easier for them. Now I just want to give back to a community that has helped me. If people enjoy my juices I take great satisfaction in that. There are so many great juice mixers out there its really like an art form. Especially the large differences of interpretation of flavors. I think its so cool and always exciting to get turned onto a flavor that I really end up enjoying. I’m just having fun and hopefully some can enjoy my creations as I have had enjoyed many others.

This E-Liquid is not for the faint of heart! It is one of the strongest flavors I have ever tried by far!

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Takes a bit of time to get used to, but that is time well spent IMHO. Hopefully someday Tony will offer some sample size bottles of his product but if you like strong flavors and are willing to take a chance, you might end up being as impressed as I was with this unique combination of flavors.

And perhaps clean some coils along the way!

Be well, Vape Well,