Ron Reviews: Romance by Bulk E-juice

While we all have our own favorite APV’s and gear to provide our vapor, the one thing we all continue to search for is a great E-Liquid.

bulk e-juice review title imageAnd I have indeed found one!

Romance from Bulk E-juice.

First Impressions

This is the first of their new signature series that they have provided to me for review (thank you Misty!) This flavorful liquid is described on their website as:

“A blend of candy, fruit and sweets. Everything you would find in a romantic setting”

The first thing I noticed when I received the shipment in the mail was the wonderful aroma that came out of the padded shipping envelope. And eventually I was able to breach the protective barrier of bubble wrap to get to the liquid treasure inside. And in this case, I do indeed mean treasure!

I was able to wait almost a week before my willpower just caved in. So I loaded a clean Kanger T-2 with a fresh head that test out at 2.2 ohms and attached that to my Apollo 18650 V-Tube.

While their normal mix is 50/50 with your choice of nicotine level, since each liquid is made to order, mine was 60/40 at 18mg of nicotine. You just have to state your preference and it shall be done.

When I am testing a new E-Liquid for the first time, I like to start out at 3.4v and work my way up till the taste starts change for the worse and then walk the volts back down until I find my “sweet spot” for that e-liquid.

At 3.4v the liquid definitely had a presence. Some throat hit and some respectable vapor for that voltage. Really started to come along at 3.7v and it maxed out for me at 3.9v. Great throat hit and clouds of vapor.

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I immediately on inhale, a strong presence of a very nice, very dark and very smooth Chocolate flavor. Not over sweet but it was indeed there in spades. On exhale I definitely got the fruit note. I could not identify the flavor but it was still good.

A week passes

Even better!

This time I settle in at 3.7v.

The chocolate has matured even more. Very rich and deep while not over sweet. And the “fruit” component is more pronounced. Not a lot
but enough to identify.

I have been vaping a chocolate covered strawberry! And without gaining any weight.

That indeed is Romance! Or even Decadence. You have to decide that one for yourself.

I will most certainly be getting more of this to enjoy on special occasions like a very nice dinner with steak and lobster followed by
coffee and brandy. With this, who needs deserts? Great well developed flavor, throat hit and vapor production. Just what I am looking for in a great E-Liquid

Now a little bit about Bulk E-Juice

They are big advocates of vaping as a healthier alternative to smoking and involved in our vaping community

They are a family run business that started out making E-Liquids about two years ago and started retailing November 2012 and are based in
Kokomo, Indiana

And while they use the best of ingredients in their creations and mix to order, they offer some of the best customer service I have

Service is quick, product is well packaged (they really like bubble wrap) and you get a USPS tracking number.

Prices are very reasonable for the excellent product you receive.

And of this morning, a total of 136 different flavors to choose from. Visit Bulk E-juice to view the selection.

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Signature series of their liquids are $12.99 per 30ml. Other flavors are $7.25 for 30 ml.

really big bottle of e-liquidUnless you catch a sale when they offer their creations at $5.00 for a 30ml bottle. And they are having a sale right now on their tobacco flavors. Vape them while the have them!

They offer a 5 pack of samples for $8.00 (right now they have 80 flavors available for samples, soon to have all of them available).

The sample sized bottles are marked as 5ml but truth be told they are indeed 6ml samples.

S&H is a $3.00 flat rate and is free for orders over $30.00

Other than samples and 30ml bottles, they offer 4, 8 and 16oz sizes.

Now for the Bulk calculations.

One fluid ounce = 29.5735 Milliliters

Lets just say that an ounce = a 30ml bottle.

These price break downs all include S&H

Signature Series

$40.00 for 4oz or $10.00 per bottle

$70.00 for 8oz or $8.75 per bottle

$100.00 for 16oz or 6.25 per bottle

The rest of the flavors are also available in the same bulk sizes at $6.25 per bottle

And as a thank you for reading my entire review, for a limited time, you can get a 10% discount off of everything in the shop by entering the code SteveK at checkout. The code is case sensitive!

Hope you have enjoyed reading my first review for SteveK as much as I have enjoyed sampling this wonderful product and writing about it for
your consideration. Vape Well and Vape Happy!

Ron J.

This was the first post by Ron, our associate writer. Ron will be writing regular e-liquid reviews for the site. As always, articles written by guests and associates are their own opinions.

Disclosure: The product in this article was provided for review. This article features affiliate links.