Ron Reviews Swamp Thing by Big Bang E-Cigs

For this weeks review, I offer what I consider to be a rather unique flavor from Big Bang E-Cigs called “Swamp Thing“.

First Impressions

This offering is from their line of premium E-Liquids called “Bomb Sauce” and was provided to me at no charge for the purpose of review (Thank You Caston!).

Prices for the organic line of E-Liquid is $7.99 for a well filled 15ml bottle, $13.98 for a 30ml bottle and $21.98 for a 50ml bottle and they offer 34 flavors to choose from.

While they are all 60/40 PG/VG based, you still get to choose 0, 8, 16 or 24 mg of nicotine. With the exception of their 4mg nic liquids which have a higher VG ratio.

And while I can’t make promises on their behalf, they did indeed deviate and make my samples with 18mg of nic.

My order was shipped promptly and arrived in a standard USPS box along with plentiful supply of packing peanuts. The liquid itself was inside of very well filled plastic bottles and labeled with the product name and nic level.

In addition to their web based business, they also have two brick and mortar locations:

8610 Roswell Rd Suite 540
Atlanta, GA 30350

800 North Main St Suite 110
Alpharetta, Ga 30009

While I find this to be confusing at best and of no use at the worst, here is their description of this rather unique flavor from their website.

“In vacation in Louisiana, we decided to walk through St. Johns Bayou. It was late, and we were very tired, yet we kept walking. It was about half past three in the morning the last time we checked. Not much after that, it seemed, we found ourselves more isolated than we wanted. out of no where we happened upon a crossroad. Strange, but I’ve never been able to find that place since. It was most unsettling, however, that air which was so alive with sounds from the crickets and other insect activity, all bu ceased in the synchronization with our reluctant stop. There was thunder rolling in the distance while the lightening danced just above the horizon with intricacies only rarely witnessed in nature. The air was ionized and thick with humidity. That is where we first laid eyes on him, a man who only referred to himself as”A Stranger. Just a stranger”. His voice was cracked and worn with a stern intuitiveness, only achievable from years of old age as he announced “I wanna make you Big Bang boys a deal……”Caught off guard by his sudden exclamation, we waited with bated breath. He continued, “I’ve got a flavor I want you guys to sell”. We haven’t seen him since, but his flavor is here to stay in all its mysterious glory…Swamp Thing”

Sorry, I just can’t quite help myself here, if the formula for this flavor was purchased from a strange old man wandering around in the middle of the Bayou at 3 A.M it could consist of swamp water, mosquito larvae, fungus and moss and some strange substance derived from a pregnant “Gator”.

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Fortunately it is much, MUCH BETTER than that visual.

You can only find it on their website under “Bomb Sauce Blends” and not under the menthol, fruit, dessert or tobacco categories.

Now for the actual test

The liquid contained in the bottle is very clear and has what I would describe as a very slight amber tint to it.

When it came down to the sniff test, it becomes complicated. I spent more than my usual amount of time sniffing it. Not a lot there scent wise. The nearest thing that comes to mind is a very light possibly fruit punch odor. Almost non-existent but still there.

My preferred mix is 60/40 PG/VG mix with 18 mg of nicotine, which I was sent. It turns out that the normal ratio for the organic “Bomb Sauce” is 60/40 to begin with. And if you require a custom mix just drop them a line since they did accommodate my request for 18 mg of nic.

So I load up a Kanger Protank 2 with a fresh 2.5 ohm head and attach it to my Vamo V2 to start my evaluation.

And as usual, I start at around 3.4v and walk my way upwards this time all the way to 4.7 volts before settling in at 4.2v. Just a bit higher than I usually vape at.

The first thing I really notice is the throat hit this stuff delivers! It is most certainly not lacking in that area. And rather thicker clouds of vapor than I am used to from a 60/40 blend.

The flavor is very difficult for me to pin down as it seems to be a mixture of just a wee bit of a lot of things. It seems to have a somewhat “creamy” aspect to it, very lightly sweet and a tart element to it as well. As the description on the website is a nice campfire story and not a description of the flavor, I really am kind of confused on how to describe it myself. But the throat hit and vapor are truly phenomenal without being burnt at that voltage.

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Two Weeks Later

As there was no big change at one week, I set it aside for a bit longer this time I settle in at 4.5v.

[Tweet “(Swamp Thing) is what I would call a very successful summer time vape — Ron J.”]

Throat hit and vapor production have remained outstanding! But there has been a radical change in the flavor. It still comes across as a mix of a lot of small shots of whatever flavor was available when it was being mixed, but now I am getting some what I would call fruit punch notes, with some berry flavor thrown in with a melon influence lying under the surface. Still just barely on the sweet side with some creamy feel on the my tongue as the fruit and berry notes add just the right amount of tang to the tip of my tongue. Well worth the wait for it to come into its own.

Now a little bit about Big Bang.

As you know I like to get to know the people behind the scenes.

This is a copy of my response from Caston Adams, C.O.O of Big Bang when I asked him for more info on the company and their values.

big bang logo

Okay here it goes… Basically we started making our liquid because of how many times we’ve ordered juices from other companies and been either disgusted with the juices themselves, or let down because the quality of the juice was sub-par, and I’ve spent a lot of money on other vendor’s liquids. We scoured resources for top-tier quality american ingredients, and for 9 months we began developing our Bomb Sauce. We are constantly improving our liquids at every aspect you could possibly think of, and we’re always open to criticism, as it is absolutely imperative to grow and remain teachable in order to be successful. All of our liquids are developed in a sterile environment with regulated positive airflow to reduce airborne particulates and other nasty things that would contaminate the liquid making process. More importantly we are enthusiastic about our jobs and try not to take ourselves too seriously, bottom line we have fun with our customers and our business partners because we can!

In addition to a very full line of E-Liquids, Big Bang offers a nice selection of vaping hardware as well. And for reasonable prices.

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This is what I would call a very successful summer time vape while you are hanging around on the back deck with a tall glass of ice tea. And I have actually tried that combination and it was quite nice.

And I plan on doing it again!

But I could still wish for a better product description on the website.

See you in a couple of weeks!

Be Well, Vape Well.