Ron Reviews: Wapatuii from Apocalypse Juice

This week, as spring is finally in the air promising that summer will once again be coming to us after a very cold winter, I am reviewing something more suitable for warmer weather.

Wapatuii from Apocolypse Juice

Apocolypse Bottles

Disclosure Ron received this product at no charge for review purposes.

First Impressions

This is one of the first flavors produced for sale by this company and was sent to me at no charge for the purpose of this review by Apocalypse Juice (Thank you Tony).

The description from their website is as follows:

” Based off the age old party juice drink, a perfect vape for the summer days of relaxing on the beach or in the backyard. A blend of several different melons makes up this cool refreshing vape. It has a nice crisp, juicy and very natural tasting melon flavor”

Prices are $15 for each 30ml bottle or a 60ml bottle for $28. Sample packs of three, 10ml bottles are also available for $15. Your shipping and handling charges are calculated at checkout. and each order ships within 48 hours after receipt of order from their facility in Lockport, Il.

The standard mix ratio is 50/50 in your choice of 0, 6, 12, 18 or 24mg of nicotine. However, if you prefer a different PG/VG mix, just state your requirements in the comment section of the order from and you will be accommodated.

My order was promptly shipped in a standard padded envelope. Inside were well filled glass bottles, inside a plastic Ziploc type bag surrounded by bubble wrap. No signs of leaking and no odor which in my mind means really well seated caps. The bottles themselves were standard glass bottles fitted with eyedroppers. I have also heard that future shipments will include child proof caps as well! Well Done!

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The bottles are clearly marked with the Apocalypse logo, name of the flavor, mix ratio and mg of nic and date of manufacture.

And this was a first for me, he has also added a scan-able QR code to the label to so if you have a friend that has tried and liked your Apocalypse Juice, they can just scan it with their smart phone and place an order. Pretty clever of them!

The liquid inside is a clear, pale orange color. I would even go so far as to say “melon” color. And when it came time for the “sniff test” to me it had a light but distinct melon scent to it as the description implied.

Now for the actual test

Normally I use a 60/40 mix of VG/PG. This time I forgot to specify so I ended up with a 50/50 mix with 18mg of nic.

WapatuiiAnyway, I go ahead and fill up my Kanger ProTank with a 2.5ohm Evod head courtesy of Rick at Vapor Alley who is providing these heads for my reviews (Thank You Rick), place it on the business end of my Vamo and start at 3.4v and start walking it up the range until I settle in at 4.5v. This is a higher setting than I normally use but as (at least to me) this is such a light and complex flavor, I really needed the extra power to bring out the flavors and the throat hit I wanted.

Again, Tony at Apocalypse was spot with a flavor based on the combination of a mixture of melon flavors. Very clean with a very light sweetness to it as you would expect from an actual melon. The vapor even give you the illusion of the juices from the melon coating your tongue as you eat it.

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Vapor production is very good and the throat hit is what I would call light to moderate. Which explains why I am vaping at a higher power setting than I usually do in order to get the full effect.

A Week Later

With this E-Liquid, not a lot has changed over the week. Still vaping at 4.5v, vapor and throat hit remain unchanged. The flavor seems to be just a touch sweeter, with some more melon notes creeping in to join the party. Perhaps cantaloupe? Not completely sure but it adds to the complexity of this flavor.

As you know, I like to get to know the people behind the product.

Here is what Tony had to say:

You asked me how I got to the point I am at and I really don’t know what to say. It was never in my plans and I just enjoyed DIY and mixing for friends. Vaping slowly grew among a small minority of us and everyone had me make their juice lol. I made a lot of horrible juice but I had some good helpers for sure. It grew from that point on really and was told for awhile I should open my own shop. So I did just so that so it would make ordering from my once small group of friends to a rather larger one much easier for them. Now I just want to give back to a community that has helped me. If people enjoy my juices I take great satisfaction in that. There are so many great juice mixers out there its really like an art form. Especially the large differences of interpretation of flavors. I think its so cool and always exciting to get turned onto a flavor that I really end up enjoying. I’m just having fun and hopefully some can enjoy my creations as I have had enjoyed many others.

While this one will not be an all day vape for me as I tend to prefer more aggressive flavors, I can see this having its own fan base. For me it makes for a nice break from my usual just to keep my taste buds interested.

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Until Next Time…

Be well, Vape Well,