Running with the Wismec Reuleaux Tinker [Review]

Wismec recently dropped an all new three battery behemoth the Reuleaux Tinker. It’s big, it’s bad, it… matches your shoes? 

Yes, you read that right.  Wismec designed the new tinker in the style of popular athletic shoes.  I’m not sure what shoes and vaping have in common, but read the review to find out if this vaporizer will improve your game.

Wismec Reuleaux Tinker Review

Disclosure: Wismec provided this product for review.  This review contains affiliate links.

Tinker at a glance

  • Design inspired by Nike shoes
  • Includes the Column tank and replacement heads
  • Large device uses three 18650 batteries
  • Tops out at a massive 300w
  • Color OLED display 
  • Large fire button
  • USB port for charging and firmware updating

The Reuleaux line of vaporizer has been a staple in the world of high wattage vaping.  The latest entry from Wismec is the Tinker which handily continues that tradition with an outrageous 300 watt top speed.  

That ultra-high capacity is thanks to the Tinker’s use of three 18650 batteries.  which also is responsible for the device’s zaftig proportions. 

Honestly, it seems like that level of capacity is mostly for bragging rights. After all, the included Column tank comes with heads that max out well below 100 watts.

While it’s unlikely you’d use that excess capability, it’s always nice to have some overhead room.  300 watts mean you should be able to run any sort of tank or atomizer you want without breaking a sweat.

Three batteries also means longer battery life when you vape at more sensible wattage levels.

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Aside from the additional bulk the third battery adds, it also means having to keep an odd number of batteries matched and charged together.  Since 18650 batteries mostly come in pairs, plan on buying three pair so you can rotate batteries.   A four port charger would be good too, unless you want to charge your batteries through the built-in USB port.  

The three batteries are loaded via a flap at the bottom of the device just below the USB port.  Slide the flap forward and then it drops out to allow for quick battery changes.

On the front of the Tinker are the two adjustment buttons, the display and a large fire button with a sort of circular design etched in the button.  The buttons are color coordinated in a contrasting color to the vaporizer. This presumably mimics the tread of the shoes that the Wismec vaporizer is patterned after.

The screen is vertically oriented and sits between the fire button and the adjustment buttons.  It’s a nice color display that is also very hard to read. 

The display shows the current wattage setting, the voltage, an analog clock, a puff counter, resistance and three tiny battery graphs.  That’s an awful lot of information to display on a tiny screen.  As a result, almost everything is difficult to read.  You can change what’s displayed in the settings, but in general I’m not a fan of any of the displays.

In comparison, I find the monochrome display on some of Wismec’s other vaporizers much easier to read.  

Next to the center section with the display on either side is sort of an indentation to make the device a bit easier to hang on to.  Did I mention this device is big?  People with smaller hands may struggle to comfortably hold the device.  It’s also not the most pocket friendly advanced vaporizer in the world.  

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Clearly, the Wismec Reuleaux Tinker is all about performance and style.  I have to admit while I find the idea of styling a vaporizer after a shoe is weird, the design works.  It’s a sharp looking device.  It sort of reminds me of Augvape’s engine mod.

The design aesthetic doesn’t stop with the Tinker. The bundled Column tank matches the style and color scheme of the vaporizer (available in several colors).  In the case of the white kit I received, the tank has white trim and a red tank and drip tip to match the accents of the Tinker.  

The tank is available in a few different configurations depending on the market (smaller capacities for the EU, a 6.5ml glass for the US models).

Filling is easily accomplished thanks to a sliding top-fill mechanism.  I had a hard time at first opening up this tank to fill.  It turns out there’s a very subtle arrow etched into the top part of the tank to indicate which way you slide the cap to access the fill port.

Vapor is produced via the newly designed heads that feature a large single coil with a mesh surround to promote quick saturation for a nice cloud at fairly low wattages. 

I quickly burnt out the first coil assuming this tank was some sort of power-hungry monster to go along with the crazy capacity of the Tinker box. But it turns out the tank is quite capable of putting out fantastic vapor without needing the power of a high-end audio system.  

The Tinker with its fat footprint might not be the perfect device for everyone. However, for people looking for some serious power along with a truly different design aesthetic, this would make a good choice.  The included Column tank is a nice addition to a unique offering by Wismec.

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