Senator Doesn’t Understand Deeming Regs

We should know by now that US Senators travel in packs.  Hot on the heels of Senator Boxer’s pushing to kick the vaping industry while its down comes this gem.

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is on the warpath over explodey e-cigarettes.  He demands action, dammit!

Specifically, Schumer wants the FDA to get power to regulate the assorted pieces associated with vaping.

But Sen. Schumer said the FDA should be doing the same for e-cig batteries, tanks or atomizers, and if it’s found the devices are defective, there should be a recall.

Sen. Schumer said many e-cig explosion incidents have occurred throughout the country, including New York state.

Sen. Schumer said the FDA should expedite investigation efforts as e-cigs become more accessible to teens and children.

-via Watertown Daily Times

That’s some great grandstanding for the people of New York, Senator.  Just a couple of small points to bring up.  The FDA totally now has the power to regulate every damn thing about e-cigarettes except for lanyards and screwdrivers.

I’d assume someone as staunchly in support of the FDA to hurry the hell up and slam their regulations down Americans’ (and New Yorkers’) throats, you’d actually know what was in the regulation.

You’d also know, that the FDA themselves set timelines that would prevent them from doing much of anything for the next 2-3 years.  Also, the FDA has had the same control over regular cigarettes for almost a decade.

How many cigarettes has the FDA recalled?  And those things up and kill people when they’re used as intended.

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I think perhaps the Gentleman from New York is a little bit confused about how government regulation works.  I’m not some kind of DC wonk, but I’m guessing the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) would probably be the guys to badger in this case.

You can report an unsafe product right there, Chucky.  Hell it worked to get those stupid hoverboard things banned. But then again, I suppose you wouldn’t be able to get a newspaper article out of that.

Since I gave ol’ Babs a link to her site for any constituents who might want to share their stories, here’s Chuck’s.

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