Sense Herakles – A Mighty Subohm Tank [Review]

The Herakles sub ohm tank by Sense has been making some waves in the vaping industry. It’s a relatively inexpensive tank that has the performance of the more popular sub-ohm tanks.  I’m going to share my thoughts in this quick review of the Herakles tank.

Disclosure: I received this product for review purposes from Vape It Now whom I deeply thank for their patience during my hiatus.

The Specs

  • 3ml capacity
  • .2 or .6 ohm heads
  • Extra Pyrex tank included
  • Airflow control
  • Standard drip-tip
  • Bottom vertical coil

The Review

IMG_0104As I mentioned in the intro, I’m going to try to keep this review short (for me).  The reason is that this tank simply doesn’t break a whole lot of new ground.

That’s not a necessarily bad thing.  I’ve been kind of known to rant that there’s not a whole lot of new places to go with sub ohm technology.  So, really the important metric for this type of tank is how well it does the same stuff as everyone else.

The other thing that will help set this tank apart is its relative low price.  You can grab it for around 30 bucks.

Another oddly simple but nice touch is that it has a standard sized drip tip, so you can swap it out for something else if you like.  Not that I have a problem with the included tip as it has a nice, wide bore to it, though it does reduce down where it connects to the tank because it is a standard tip.

Otherwise, you get pretty much the same stuff as you would expect in a full-featured device.  There’s adjustable airflow control: turn the base and set how much air you let pass through.  There is a nice tactile click when the airflow is set to full open.

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This is also a bottom-filling tank.  I have to admit I have really begun to appreciate top-fill tanks. But, those tend to leak a little.  This tank has no such problem.


The internal design is pretty much what you’d expect as well.  There’s a housing that covers the head and has holes to allow wicking.  There are a generous amount of holes around the base to let the liquid flow.

Despite the number of holes, I did find that the heads tended to wear out quicker than a lot of others, especially compared to the UWell Crown where the heads last forever.  It may be because I was kind of abusing this tank a little to see what kind of performance I could coax out of the device.

IMG_0110To that end, it does quite well at high wattage ranges.  50 watts would produce amazing clouds, but when I did that too quickly, I’d definitely notice the wicking action wasn’t keeping up.  After a few sessions like that, it would be time to swap out the heads.

Now if you don’t push it that hard, the heads last a lot longer.  A new head is under three dollars, so it’s not a terrible deal. You can also get those at Vape it Now.

In general, even though I complain when going through heads, this tank is on when it comes to making clouds.  It’s just not a daily use device for me because I’d tear through way too many heads.

If you’re looking for a tank with a midrange price that can keep up with higher end tanks, you might want to give the Herakles a closer look.  You can do that at this link.

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