Share your Opinion on Vaping Etiquette – Maybe Win Stuff Too!

Our friends over at the Ashtray blog are talking Etiquette.  More importantly, they want you to share your opinions on the subject as well.

Vaping Etiquette has always been interesting to me.  I ran an article about the same subject a while ago to see what people thought about vaping in public.  The results were interesting.

Of course, the Ashtray blog post and survey goes a lot further than I did.  And, I think adding your opinion will provide even more insight by building a bigger data set with which to gauge opinions.

Oh yeah, and maybe you might win something too.  They’re giving away an Eleaf iStick and Nautilus Mini among other prizes for submitting your response to the survey.

Now I know you want to go over and check it out.  You can do that right here.

Steve K

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