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collection of DIY eliquid supplies for electronic cigarettes
I’m fascinated with DIY eJuice mixing for my electronic cigarettes.  I’m not particularly good at it, but it is fun and sometimes I make stuff that isn’t horrible.  I generally mix in small batches just sort of playing around learning how to combine flavors. Many of my supplies come from the Eliquid Store
The Eliquid Store seems geared towards casual DIYers like me.  They specialize in offering a wide selection of flavor concentrates from a number of different manufacturers in small, 1dram (3.7ml) sizes.  The store only carries flavors that are water soluble, allowing for simple mixing for the neophyte mixer. Even better, the flavors are inexpensive so tinkering in DIY isn’t a huge expense.
Concentrates run from one to two dollars per dram.  The vendor has recently started selling unflavored nicotine liquid as a standalone product.  Prices on the nicotine liquid are excellent even if the selection is limited. Previously the store only offered nicotine liquid in DIY kits and only at 100% vegetable glycerine (an odd choice).  The Eliquid Store also offers a small amount of DIY supplies such as pipettes and bottles.  The owner plans to expand accessories offerings in the future to possibly include things such as cartomizers.
Beyond the planned accessories offerings, the owner is also adding features to the site which currently include a simple mixing calculator and eJuice recipes.  Currently there are few recipes, as the owner is also trying to expand this section as the business grows.
online DIY ejuice calculator at
The online calculator

Flavor concentrates are listed via a category menu on the left side of the page.  There is also a search feature under the category list.  This is very important because figuring out what category in which a given flavor is contained can be a challenge with so many flavors.  

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Other products are found via the same navigation menu, since there aren’t a lot of offerings in the other category, navigation is not difficult.  The previously mentioned recipe and calculator section link is buried in the bottom of the left hand column along with the other site links such as contact.
I have found the service on this site to be exceptional.  Orders were filled promptly and have always been accurate.  On just about every order, I’ve found a little extra in my shipment when it arrives such as an extra measuring pipette or a 5ml bottle of flavor in place of the 3.7 ml bottle I ordered.  I’m a big fan of those kinds of little touches from a customer experience standpoint.
The owner also maintains a running thread on the ECF for flavor requests or other service related questions.  I have been working with the store owner to secure flavoring for some of the tropical drink ejuice recipes I enjoy.  Responses with my sometimes oddball requests have always been promptly and favorably responded to.
Too Long; Didn’t Read
The Eliquid Store specializes in small sized DIY flavors for DIYers working in small batches.  They have an admirable selection of flavorings and excellent prices on unflavored nicotine.  Selection of accessory items is limited but expanding as are site features.  Service and prices are both first rate.
  • Inexpensive flavorings
  • Flavors in 1 dram sizes
  • Great nicotine prices
  • Excellent service
  • Fast Shipping 
  • Responsive to customer requests
  • Some flavors unavailable because they are not water soluable
  • Limited selection of accessories such as bottles
Rating: 4 somethings out of 5 somethings
Store Name: eLiquid Store
Shipping From: San Diego (and the UK I believe)

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Disclosure: At the time of the writing of this article, I had no business relationship with this store.  Post publication, I now have advertising and a coupon code with this vendor.

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  • I just got done talking to Chris at the Eliquid Store. He's arranged a coupon code for readers! Use code flavor5 to get 5% off your order. I will be adding the store to the vendor page in the near futre.

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