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Siam Mods Delrin Tank Filler Tip: Quick Review

The Siam Mods Delrin Tank Filler Tip might be of interest to cartomizer tank fans.  This simple little device is available at Atomic Vapors for a few bucks. The filler is designed to make filling cartomizer tanks a little easier.

Saim Mods Filler tip review title image

There’s not much to say about the filler’s design.  Basically, the Siam Mods filler is a chunk of plastic with drip tip fitting and o-ring at the bottom and a top that tapers to a wedge.

Using the filler tip is an equally simple affair. Place the tip on the end of the cartomizer.  If inserting a fresh cartomizer, the tip will help guide the carto through the openings in the tank.

If you are re-filling a tank, swap the Siam Mods filler tip with your regular drip tip.  Push down on the tip and slide the tank up until the tank’s top cap is flush with the top of the filler tip.

Tip inserted into cartoProtip:  Be careful not to insert the tip too firmly into the cartomizer.  I found it quite difficult to remove the tip after filling.  I left the o-ring exposed when I put the filler mod into the cartomizer.  This still was sufficient to keep e-liquid from getting into the carto.

The end result will be a small gap created by the tapered end of the tip and the opening in the top cap of the cartomizer.  The cartomizer opening will be well inside the tube of the tank, but the tip keeps any liquid from getting into the cartomizer.

In theory, you could just drip liquid on the top of the filler tip and it would slide down and into the tank.  However, in practice I found that the surface tension would cause the liquid to sort of hang around in that gap between the filler and the cap resulting in a big mess.  It’s best to use a syringe or needle tip bottle to get down into the opening.

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From there, it’s pretty simple.  Fill the tank up all the way to the cap.  There’s something you couldn’t do when simply wedging the needle between the carto and the tank cap.

When full, just push the tank back down on the cartomizer and remove the filler tip.  Replace your drip tip and get back to vaping.  Pretty simple.

The only cons are that it sometimes can get wedged into the cartomizer.  You might want to consider adding this little gizmo to your cart the next time you shop at Atomic Vapors.

If it still sounds confusing, check out this video to see the Siam Mods Delrin Filler Tip in action

[flv:/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/siam-mods-filler.flv 590 332]

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  • Also to note, this tip is likely meant to deter shredding of your tank's O-rings from the thin metal edges of a cartomizer.

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