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The Sigelei ZMAX is a versatile and high-performing advanced personal vaporizer. The V2 version of the ZMAX I reviewed before allowed switching between single and dual batteries through the use of a second end cap. The V3 ZMAX not only keeps the single or dual battery mode, but lets you use all manner of batteries through the use of a telescoping tube. No extra end cap required. We’ll take a look at the new feature in this Sigelei Telscoping ZMAX review.

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Product name Sigelei ZMAX V3 Telescopic Mod
Available from VaporAlley
Price From 79.99
Batteries  Single 18350 through 18650
Voltage  3.0-6.0V in .1v increments
Wattage  3.0-15W in .5w increments


ZMAX V3 Details

Sigelei’s latest device actually comes in two varieties. There’s the regular version which resembles the previous model with the tapered top and recessed connector. There’s also the flat-top version, which has… a flat top. The design is similar to the Vamo. I bought the standard version, so that’s the device on which the rest of the review will focus.

sigelei v3 zmax with batteriesThe telescopic version of the ZMAX resembles the standard version in many respects. There are some differences in the physical appearance, the fluting and other details are still present, but configured in a slightly different way. Of course the body’s ability to adjust up and down in size is the signature difference.

Sigelei’s new model can go from a compact device that uses a single 18350 model to a dual 18350 model via twisting the body. The new design is a two-piece setup with the top part of the e-cigarette housing the OLED display and control unit, while the bottom half is the adjustable battery compartment.Simply twist the body and the unit will expand or contract to fit most batteries from the tiny 18350s to large 18650’s (or two 18350s). This means that in-between sized batteries also can be accommodated such as the 18500.

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There is one other change to the basic tube design in the form of an additional row of vent holes in the battery tube portion. These holes are in each fluted line running along the body. There is naturally only one end cap in this version, which features larger vent holes than the previous incarnation.  Those features are somewhat reassuring in dual battery mode.

It also seems that the drip well is slightly deeper. I previously struggled to use eGo threaded clearomizers like the Kangers. I’ve had no issue using them in this ZMAX.

zmax v3 with evodWhile there’s a lot of flexibility in size, the ZMAX is still particular about the batteries you feed it. First off, you have to use IMR batteries. Regular protected lithium won’t work here. I also found out that in the smallest configuration, flat-top 18350 batteries are a little too small to make a good connection. They either won’t work at all, or the slightest bump will reset the unit.

The solution is to either use button-top batteries, or if you happen to have small conductive magnets, those can be used as well.  A few places sell them, though I don’t recall immediately who. I happened to have some lying around from a non-vaping related project.

Other features essentially remain unchanged from the V2 version of this device. You’ll still get the beautiful OLED screen that actually displays menu items using entire words (almost). This device can be run in either variable voltage or variable wattage. Voltage ranges from 3-6v  in .1v increments while wattage adjusts from 3-15w in .5 watt increments.

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The display can be adjusted to show different categories of information when the fire button is pressed such as atomizer resistance, current battery voltage and currently set wattage or voltage. This device defaults to off when the batteries are removed. 5 rapid clicks of the sole button on the body will turn the unit on.

Three clicks will start the menu options with each successive click cycling through the various options. To adjust the option, wait a few seconds and the device will enter the settings for that option.  Not the easiest to use interface in the world, but it’s also easier to use than it is to describe the process.

Using the Sigelei Telescoping ZMAX

The one thing I liked about the previous ZMAX was its fantastic performance in high amperage applications using dual batteries. That too remains unchanged, only now there’s no end cap to lose.

telescopic zmax v3 full lengthI particularly like to use dual coil cartomizers at higher voltages, which isn’t much of a challenge in dual battery mode.  Using single batteries, the ZMAX like most other devices doesn’t quite have the oomph to deliver over-the-top voltage to those loads.

Truth be told, however, I haven’t been using this ZMAX in the high-octane configuration much lately. Instead, I’ve been running it in the smallest mode: single 18350 battery. Since I don’t expect it to do crazy things, that also means I’ve been running single coil devices in variable wattage mode.

Interestingly, I’m not sure why I do that. The smallest configuration is still about the size of a standard ProVari, which uses a single 18490 battery. It just seems like the ZMAX could be a little smaller.

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Not that it works badly, size doesn’t really figure into performance. The single battery mode does a reasonable job of providing consistent wattage through most of the battery charge cycle.  This is one of those devices that drops off quite a bit shortly before the battery is depleted.

I guess on the bright side, it does give you some warning it’s almost time to charge the batteries when the vapor production starts to drop.  I’d prefer if it just made a light blink instead.

If you tend to jump around between battery sizes, a telescopic mod like this ZMAX might be handy to have.

Too Long; Didn’t Read

zmax v3 review end image

The Sigelei V3 ZMAX takes an already impressive device and expands it by adding a telescoping feature.  Other than making it easier to make resizing puns, the new feature is very handy if you like to change the size of your APV as often as your socks. Perhaps existing ZMAX owners might not see enough reason to upgrade, but if you’re currently in the market for a high-performance and versatile device, you’d be hard pressed to find one with more tricks up its sleeve for the same price. Visit VaporAlley to check pricing.



Great performance
Telescoping body
Available in regular and flat top
Solid construction


Looks slightly odd in taller configurations
Smallest setup is still fairly large
Picky about batteries

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