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Hello and welcome to a brand spankin’ new segment here on SKVW. I like to call it the Site o’ the Week.  There are many sites about e-cigarettes out there of varying quality. Each week I’m going to profile a different site in the e-cigarette genre that delivers content you may be interested in as a sort of survey of e-cigarette sites.


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For the inaugural edition of the SOTW, I’m picking a brand-new site to feature.  e-Cigarette Politics just got off the ground recently. As the name suggests, this site is about the politics surrounding e-cigarettes.

This site was founded by none other than the man who brought us the e-Cigarette Forum, Rolygate. Right now the content is a little slim because it’s currently being worked on. The site promises to shape up to cover politics from all around the globe.

From the founder:

 This new website intends to fill a gap in the current ecig online world, because there is no resource that specifically covers the political, legal and regulatory climate that actually determines what can or cannot be bought, and what it will cost. Most people hate politics – but it does run your life, so maybe it is better to be realistic and get involved.

Chris Price, who runs the site, has a personal interest in this side of the ecig world, and is ex-Manager of ECF and ex-Secretary of ECCA UK. He believes that the health issues are virtually irrelevant to the regulatory discussion because financial pressures ultimately determine the outcome. Therefore, the community and trade need to recognise this, and fully engage with the political process. Chris is emphatic about this.

“Of course the health issues are vital to you and me – but believe me, no committee is going to decide policy on that basis. It’s simply a business decision affected by politics, in which health might play a minor part. Health policy in anything related to smoking is not about health, the sums of money involved are so large they are beyond comprehension. Get real.”

So is about reality – whether you like it or not.

I’m always on the lookout for high quality sites that bring original content to the vaping community. If you’d like to suggest a site, use the form below.

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