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This week’s Site o’ The Week is actually a sub site of an even bigger site.  ECig Advanced is possibly the biggest e-cigarette site around loaded with news, articles and reviews (sound familiar?) I wanted to include ECA in this section for a while as they are just a nice bunch of folks that contribute to that site over there.  However, instead I want to focus on a single part of the site: the forums.

ECA Screenshot

Inside ECA is an active community of e-cigarette users contributing to a thriving forum.  There’s a ton of great information to be had in a somewhat more laid back atmosphere than some of the dedicated e-cigarette forums out there.

Our very own Ron is a fixture on the ECA forums, and he had this to say about the site:

Ecig Advanced, or ECA is a unique combination of a website devoted to E-Cigarettes and all things vaping, covering news, legislation and product reviews combined with a vibrant and ever-growing forum consisting of over 3,200 members actively sharing information on all of the latest and greatest products available to the vaping public.  The membership ranges from people wanting to learn what type of hardware and E-Liquids they would need to start on their own journey to quit smoking, to veteran vapers discussing tricks and tips for using the most advanced hardware (and where to get it all at the best prices) as well as DIY E-Liquid production.  And when you add in frequent contest with some pretty nice prizes as well as a drama free environment where members helping each other (especially the new vapors) find answers to any and all questions is the rule rather than the exception. you have something pretty special indeed!

I hope that adding ECA to the Site o’ the Week proves once and for all, I’m no longer bitter over ECA winning best blog of 2012 by a measly handful of votes.

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