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Welcome to the Site o’ the Week, where each week I spotlight a new vaping-related site that might be of interest to you.  If you want to see previous sites featured in this section, you can check them out here.

This week’s site is Spinfuel.  You may already be familiar with the site since it’s one of the biggest e-cigarette sites out there.  Yes, bigger than this site thanks to its huge staff and vibrant community.  I remember watching this site start up as a sort of mens magazine that just happened to run a few e-cigarette articles.  The site quickly found its way and grew to become just a juggernaut of a site while retaining its magazine style.

Spinfuel Screen Shot

Here’s what Angel had to say about working at Spinfuel:

Spinfuel eMagazine is one of the more eclectic e-cigarette review sites on the web. They prefer to be called an eMagazine instead of a website, as is their right I suppose.  Their reviews, tutorials and opinions have a narrative structure, leaning more toward storytelling than a press release, with plenty of facts within, but told in a narrative fashion. Is it a normal, cookie cutter e-cigarette review site we see by the hundreds? Absolutely not. In fact, other than Steve K’s Vaping World, you’d be hard pressed to find anything like it, anywhere. Spinfuel came on the scene in the blink of an eye, hit the ground running and hasn’t slowed down. In a little more than a year they have produced more than 300 feature length reviews, some exceeding 8000 words. Visiting Spinfuel is like choosing between the red pill or the blue pill, you never know what lies ahead, but its an exciting trip anyway.

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