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Vape24 is a brand-new site, but the idea was so interesting, I figured I’d share it on the SotW right away.  Take 1 part store, 1 part comparison engine, and 1 part wiki and you get Vape24. The idea is fairly simple, users can contribute devices and add shops.  Vape24 then tries to aggregate the information on vaping gear form e-cigarette shops around the web to help you find the wide variety of stuff out there at the best prices.

vape24 screenie

I admit, it’s all sort of hard to explain, so I’ll let the Vape24 folks explain it instead:

Vape24 is a tool for every vaper.

Here how it works:

We divide all vaping items into categories, you can see them on the left side.

Each category has:

1: Wiki page(moderators can edit it without premoderation, email us at for account).
2: List of items from different shops. You can filter them by country or browse a particular shop. We constantly add new shops.

We’re building a tool that community can use as a one stop shop and a knowledge base.

In our future plans we have got:

Collaborative recipe book that suggests what liquids can be made from your ingredients.
Virtual cart for vendors.
Shop reviews.
Product reviews.
Different filters and other comparison tools.
Bunch of other features.

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